All things end, and now we have reached the end of yet another story. We have followed the boy and his friends through an imagined world so fantastic and detailed that we all wished it was real. We’ve learned about magical creatures, potions, spells and strange – new places. We’ve gotten a lesson in morale and friendship, what true honour and loyalty means. And through the story within the story, it is now over. It’s been over for a while, we’ve read the book, we knew how it was gonna end – but now it’s really over, now there’s no untold tale of the boy who lived.

The real magic of this, is that it has changed us, the world. The real magic is that this is a tale that will be told for generations. This tale will surely stand the wane of time, it will continue to enthral, excite and enrich the lifes of people for many years to come. Because it is a great story. Even I will say it was a sad moment to have it end, in the theatre today, the audience applauded, some cried and some, like me, just sat there, taking in the whole experience that these books and movies have given us – it’s over. That’s actually hard to realise. But it was a great story. And I’m glad we got to hear it.

It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great storyteller. Thank you Jo, for the story of a lifetime.

And finally, the signature I’ve been wanting to use since I started this,

Harry Potter

…and the world we see

The world we live in and the world we see, sometimes, they are not the same.

I’ve been feeling really strange for a couple of days, like I’m in between something and something else, like I’m just waiting for something to happen.. So I took my camera and went for a walk around town, to clear my mind, to see people – just to take a look at the world and how it’s doing really. What I found was a world full of ignorant, ugly and horrible people that have no taste in clothing or in cars. I kept seeing people and thinking how many idiots there must be in the world – or that they all descended on Oslo on the same day…

But this isn’t the world I live in. This isn’t the city that is home. My world, my city, is full of beauty. My world is full of interesting, intelligent, funny and passionate people. My world is full of compassion, faith and love. Everyday, I work with people who care as much as I do, I talk to brilliant engineers and artists, I see loving couples on the bus and old people holding hands in the park. I see the rich lady helping the homeless and the volunteers all trying to make the world a better place to live. I spend my days with the love of my life. My world is full of love, full of passion and of great good.

I just have to choose to see it. I have bad days and good days. I see bad people and good people. My world is full of hate and of love. My world isn’t perfect.
It just is. We just have to choose what we see some days.

tHis is my world, it’s Perfect.
this is my world, this is how I see it.

Dancing in the light

There’s this guy I know. Bearded, good tempered fella’ with a hunch for how people are really doing and a great sense of humour. He sings songs when he thinks that no one listens and likes really big chunks of cheese on his crackers. He goes all over the world, making friends and comming up with new ideas and plans as he moves along. He makes ridiculously complicated romantic schemes to woe his girlfriend and he always manage to pull them off. Well, mostly. On the stage, he stays off it, in the back, on the top or in the audience. He merely guides and tempts, he never tells. In and out of the light he dances, my director.

There’s this girl I know. Drinking, singing, swinging and hanging in there ’til the end. She loves pirates but not the sea. Her love for chocolate and things sweet is only matched by her compassion for her friends. She’s been almost around the world, dancing now. She’s the craziest person I know, she’s the honest and truest I know too. She’s good fun and a great laugh. She teases me as I tease her, she patronizes me as I patronize her. And my respect for her is as her respect for me. I know. In and out of the light she dances, not mine, but still, my dancer.

There’s this guy I know. Ze German. Old dude with this perfect nonchalant attitude towards his personal style and outfit. Just perfect. Takes his time with everything, but again, manages just perfect every time. Likes his rum 7 years old to the bottle, and is the most spontaneus person I know, although, I’m not sure he knows that. He too, likes the smell and taste, the touch and feel of the world. He cares for the little things, the once that really matters. Keeps a mug of really strange looking utensils on his desk, and some more in his drawer too. Like me, he is of the light, in and out of the light he dances, my designer.

There’s this guy I know, another German actually, if you recognise Bayern as such. Best man I ever met, honest, true and completely straight up – he doesn’t bullshit and doesn’t want anyone else to do either. His panache for mischief is incredible, and I’m sure if it wasn’t for consequences he’d have a lot more fun making fools out of other people – in the completely right way though. His cooking skills is as good as they come, and for his skills with his medium of choice, light, out of this world. If he quits then I see no reason why the rest of us should keep doing it. Truly, in and out of the light he dances, again, my designer.

There’s this girl I know. Mostly she’s smiling, laughing and playing around. She walks in the grass bare footed, she sings songs to the sky and eats strawberries from the field. She holds my hand and comes with me to the strangest of places, my camera likes her hair and I too, like her eyes. She listens to music with all of her body and moves to the slightes sound, in and out of the light she dances, my dancer. Her body moves with such grace and skill between legs and ramps, her eyes follow her movement as it was her hair, and her mind flows out to those who care enough to look for it. In and out of the light she dances, my dancer.

There’s these people I know. In and out of the light they dance, my friends.

There’s this guy I know, Hans they call him. Not sure what he’s up to or where he’s going, but he’s dancing along the way. In and out of the light.

for yesterday and all tomorrows, we dance the best we know

in and out of the ligHt People, in and out of the light…

Is this it?

Some observations on the big world from a small corner up north. Neither experienced nor witnessed, just how I see the world.

Are we about to witness a history-defining moment? The next few days will be instrumental in deciding the fate of the lifes of millions and millions of people living in the middle east. Will they rise up and take what is theirs by right? or will the oppresors again use unspeakably brutal force to quell this uprising?

This could very well be the “Berlin-moment” of the middle east. We should help them. By all means and resources required for a peaceful revolution, we, who have spoken of democratic enlightenment for so long, can not let this chance pass us. We should help them. We must help them. And we must show the other oppressive regimes in the region that continued support of terrorism, torture, the oppression of their people and the free speach will no longer be tolerated, and we must help the citizens of such regimes to rise up against them on their own. For only if the revolution comes from within will the people have faith in whoever is chosen to lead from chaos. History has proven this countless times, let’s hope world leaders don’t forget this.

What can I do? Far from everything, safely in place in this country where all are tolerated, freedom of speach has long been tolerated and peace has reigned for 60 odd years. What can we in the outside world do?

We can support them. In voice, in heart, and in action. Like anonymous has proven, a bunch of people on the other side of the planet can quite easily bestow fear in totalitarian governments. All we have to do really, is remember to tell everyone we can. That we should help them. That we must help them.

Want to join us?

freedom of speacH will Prevail

the people of today

I wonder what the people of tomorrow will think about the people of today. Will they read about us in history and think in awe about the great things we accomplished. Will they read about the ones who conquered all plagues, erradicated war and brought humanity into a new era of compassion and peace. Or will they read about the generations that destroyed our homeworld, that spent all the resources and ruined international relations for all forseeable time.

Will they look at our technological revolution as the beginning of the end, or as the beginning of the new world? For this is where we have come now. We are at a point in our evolution, technological progress and interhuman relations where we, and I mean we; the whole of humanity, must make a choice. Do we stand back and watch, let the chaos and carnage happen? Do we let the world fall to the problems of our fathers? … or do we act now, do we let our anger and rage change the world forever?

I’m 25 years old. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in 12 months time. But I will do it with all my passion and energy. I did not create the problems of today, but they are my problems, and I have to solve them. I didn’t bring the world to this state of terror, but it is my world, and I have to live in it. I will do it with all my passion and energy because this is the only way it will ever work. We all have to do what we do, as good as we can, as persistent as our will lets us, and as arrogant as our courage tells us.

I see people my age everywhere, dreaming great dreams and willing something with their life. Don’t you see, we are a genetation of dreamers, visionaries and we will change the world. We have started to fix all that is wrong, all the things you did before we came, we will fix it. Just give us some time. And don’t try to stop us.
I did not create the problems. But they are my problems. And I will fix them.

I wonder what the people of yesterday would think of the people of today.

for yesterday and all tomorrows, we dance the best we know.

tHe Problem?

I know when it was…

There were two of them.

– the first, in retrospect, quite obvious; we were in the PMA, watching a really badly lit dance piece, it was our first week together, and Eyal, sitting next to Katrin, turns to me and says – I really want to be a lighting designer!

– the second, more subtle, yet still defining for us as what we want to be – in the PC suite on 5th floor, Didrik and I were having a conversation about Mac’s versus Vari-Lite. Didrik exclaims – Mac (…) they’re the greatest… upon which I reply – they’re good, but Vari-Lite still has the edge. At this point Georg chips in with what, which in retrospect I’m sure he regret ever saying – Hans is right, (…) I think the VL’s are better.

Inconsequential conversations one might say. But truly, life defining moments they turned out to be. For what would any one of us be without the other?

notHing without Passion

…of men and mice…

I guess.

wow… that, was, my friend, true wisdom. Although some part of me wants to say; I DISAGREE, the other part is sad to realise I have always known, yet never said nor wanted to believe, that you are absolutely right.

I want to fight what you have said with evert fiber in my body, to prove you wrong and to say that you are caving in. This is the one thing that you would never have me admit, for it is the basis of everything I am. My belief that we are the ones that will make it, that in the end, we were always right, that all the things we have said and done would somehow be justified by our eventual success. I guess this is my life’s great card house, it have always been, and I’m afraid it will always be. I believe that few people can understand the craving for success that I posess, which is almost narcisistic. Our joke that I’m always right and don’t loose is truly a sad joke, for in reality it is’nt a joke, it’s a nescesity. I have to be right. I have to win. I have to make it. This is what drives me. I will never settle for second, yet I know I can never be first. I will never settle for compromise, yet perfect is impossible. Know it as I do, I should accept reality.

But you are not and I do not, for as you so gently put it, there are many more things to life than work. Years ago, we had what I have later realised was a defining moment of my life, a conversation about choices. As always, I boldly, but sadly, exclaimed my choice to the world. Inside, I was in chaos at the moment, fighting every attempt at pulling me back to earth, to puncture my bubble. Some time later, when the chaos erupted and a great many hours was spent contemplating this very conversation, I realised the trick was making sure I never have to make the choice – which is, obviously; just making a new bubble around myself instead of puncturing the old one. The choice will be made, and it will be the right one. What sacrifices I must make in addition will surely send me down the hill.

Your post put a knot in my stomach today, which means it’s more true than anything I’ve ever written. But I’m not ready to admit it yet. Not yet. And I’m also sure that you will be the ones to bring me down eventually, for you are the only people with the knowledge to do it.

I know we will reach the top. But before we do, we must know where the bottom is. First one down will be first one back up I guess. I just hope you’ll take me with you. I know you will. I would.

I guess.

Your words lately have made me sad, for you touch something in the core of what I believe we are. Yet at the same time I am happy, because you finally said what I have always known. Many posts ago, I made a list, now, I think it is time for a new one.

E, your potential is unlimited and your friends are endless, or so it would seem – just remember they are there
H, your talent is infinite, and I hope you understand this one day – as it would be a great shame if you never do
M, of all of us, I believe you are the one truly at peace with who you are – unless you are like me, and the bubble will burst one day?
G, you are the leading man my friend, the wisest and best I know – you I would trust with everything I have

The list grows shorter. The truth grows more painful.
Still, we are together somehow, comforting as it is to know.

Every day brings us closer to the defining moments of everything else. Great things will come, we just have to be there when they do.

the trutH can be Painful