Welcome to the new WordPress all, readers and authors alike! We have now made a complete upgrade of the platform and the database to offer more stability and more flexibility as well as better support for plugins, media, XHTML, browsers and other stuff that we had problems with in the previous version.

For the readers, not much should have changed, as we have kept the old appearance and only minor aestethical adjustments have been made.

For the writers, it’s a whole new game. You will find the dashboard completely reworked, and that things have been moved around a bit, but hopefully you will be able to familiarise yourself with it quickly! If not, drop me a note and I’ll throw in a crash course in WP2.0+ while we’re at it!

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Hello there, and welcome to this first blog post from the brookfieldlodge blog. This is mostly to test that the system is working and it displays properly.

For information about this blog and how to write and post entries, look to the menu at the top for information.

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