Good news, that far far overshadows the bad news

The good news is that My mothers operation finished 20 minutes ago and as far as the doctors can tell it was a big success, she will now remain in hospital for a little over a week, and then will return home. So that is the great news

The bad news is that the in house technician for the show i stage managed is trying to not give us our deposit back because apparently equipment was broken. Unfortunatley he cannot disclose what equipment and how it was broken all he can say is that he wants to take our deposit to repair it. I refused telling him that as the technician responsible i need to be told exactly what was broken and how and if he doesn’t tell me then he is liable to be sued for stealing our money. he then said that certain cables extension cables are broken, and that 3 light bulbs blew, i know for a fact that we didnt use any extension cables and that we didnt blow any lamps, so i have organised a meeting with him and my producers and my Designer and the Stage Manager of the show that is currently on in that space on sunday, to basically go through our entire lighting plan and showing them all that it is impossible for us to have broken equipment that we didnt use, and i have all the lovely paperwork to show them that it was the stage manager of their own company that did it. Then is will help them to insert the fucking lightbulbs up their collective ass. I hate it when people try to steal money in the name of theatre, it ruins everything.

Anyway i have to go and visit my mother, i shall message back soon.

Mr E-Y-Ahhh you get the point.


Finally we managed to talk with each other on Skype. OK, Hans was challenged by technology (as usual) but we could speak. This was great.

Now, today, I have my last day at work for the moment. Will come back and do some WYSIWYG classes but not in this week. It will be great not to drive 3 hours a day to come to work and get back home. It will also be great to sleep a little bit longer than half past six. And it will be great to do some things I really want to do… like refurbishing the bathroom… but the first step in this action is almost finished and soon there will be new lights shining in an old bathroom.

I also have to mention that I arranged a fireworks display the day when Hans will be arriving in Bobingen! Yes, we do that for special guests and it will take place at 10 p.m. on the 13th August as part of our Volksfest (folk festival). So we are planning to actually show all you foreigners (and I count René in this group)  that all the prejudices about us Germans (and the Bavarians in particular) are so true. Remember that Bobingen is part of what René calls Dark-Germany… so here is where tradition is still alive – or something.

In the meantime I stopped thinking about LIPA and the random generators, but I really like Eyal’s theory about the black hole in one of LIPA’s offices… I hoped that Hans would explain how the dices work, but he seems to be working on more important things, like shutting down the BLS web-page and fiddling on his laptop hardware (no offence Hans – it is just fun…). Where did you go by the way last time? You said you would be back some time and you never returned….

OK, at the moment it looks like a larger part of the BLS will come together soon. Still no sign from Hendrik, who seems to be lost somewhere in Poland – at least this was where he was when I had contact with him last time. And unfortunately the Swiss guy will have to work when we have our BBQ day. Well, we will see how it all turns out.

So now, bored to death, but still alive, Mr. oranG.e is leaving soon.

Bollywood, what a brilliant concept.

You see, our most beloved tv channel, that which is NRK2, has decided to show bollywood movies all through the summer. And it’s just so much fun, the cliches, the western influence, the indian hindu inspired music and the mix and match language in the script. (In some films, they tend to use both english and indian in the same sentence…) Amazing! The scary part is all the cathcy dance scenes where they all just break into large musical numbers like it’s an everyday thing… I want to live in India! Often thel lyrics are the best, as an example, from todays film: “la la la la la la” and so on for 15 minutes! Perhaps it means something else in indian, but you must agree it surely is a brilliant song!

On the more practical side, I seem to have cured myself of my strawberry allergy, which is a good thing. Considering summer equals strawberry for desert. Every day.

I have no more wish to comment on the lipa attrocieties, and that will be it. They must sail their own plane or carve their own cave or whatever… I’m going to enjoy summer and next year, no matter what anyone else says.

On the practical side mk2, I have to change the comment system because of the number of spam messages we recieve (2000+ a month), so now you have to log in to post comments. Which is just as good I imagine.

Oh, and practical mk3, all access to all websites on the domain except this blog and the las vegas blog is temporarily suspended until further work can be undertaken.

take care,

severus snaHPe

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Looking into it…?!

Well, I woudn’t believe JST to look into something… maybe he forgets it on his way back into Hope Street. If he doesn’t, there will be plenty of things that could cause problems: 1.: The dices are gone… (“Where the hell… I thought we finished all the grades…”) 2. The random generator wants more money to give out grades above the 70% border (“Hmm, was it 5 or 10p…? Anyway… I can’t afford that”) 3.: Something I can’t think of at the moment because it is absolutely absurd, but might also cause difficulties to solve the transcript problem.

Anyway, I can’t come on Skype here at work, but will try when I am at home, which will be this evening. Hopefully see you there… good luck with the placement thingy… :-)


ok so here we go

I have failed to finish my placement project file in one night and day, and now it is time for me to return home, i will (hopefully) complete it tonight and mail it off tomorrow. I have heard that because of the rain there is bad service on the way back so if i leave now i hope i will get back intime to talk to you guys tonight, but we shall see.

Eyal Israel

Joe ST, Mark FW, And Steve CB

Well, Joe has assured me that he is going to be “looking into it” (bollocks), Mark Featherstone Witty, (who is also in the LRC) loves my new idea about improvisational theatre and will back it in any way possible, and yes oh yes, Steve Buckwald was here too, in all of his glory, apparently he missed me… I’m slightly afraid of that and of course he is complaining that he is WAY too busy to talk, Mark just invested in a production of P.V.T Wars in London on my recommendation after seeing my preview and is taking me to see the show when it comes out and had a lovely Scuba Diving holiday in Egypt. I on the other hand havent eaten breakfast of lunch and am still doing my placement and have realised that it just takes a little bit longer than i thought, oh well i have the free time i guess.

im on Skype come on if you can

oh and Stella got a haircut.

Handy… handy indeed…

I really wanna know the explanation why things are wrong on your transcript… the random generator? or the dices? or drugs…? who knows 😉

Mr. G rendering images and reading a blog…