The BLB header contest.

To finish off this very nice theme, I announce the Brookfieldlodge blog header contest.

The theme has a random generator that selects one of 4 header images to be displayed when browsing this site, and I suggest we replace the current ones with photograpsh we have taken ourselves. So, each member can contribute one image and then we will either choose or modify the random generator to use all of them or still just 4. Let’s see what we get first.

The images needs to be .jpg format of no less than 680×175 pixels with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Remember that in the bottom left corner, the blog title is presented, so this part of the image should be dark colours so that the title is visible easily.


How Practical.

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Did you know…

… that Eyal is the Assistant Director for All’s well that ends well?

… we cannot comment on the BLS Blog anymore and that Hans doesn’t know why?

… that Eyal was Assistant Director for Mill on the Floss?

… how to research? (If you don’t go to 4.23 on Tuesday at 9:30 and find out)

… that James Bond is much more political than everyone ever thought?

… that Hans wants the key for the bike lock now…?

The blog.

So, the blog has a new look. It temporarily had  very bold orange/black look, but I feel it was perhaps too much for a blog like this, thus, I have installed the current template onto the server. The theme is “intense-10” which has a random generator for the four different heading images you can see, and I have made slight changes to the code of the stylesheets as well as how the information is displayed.

I have also added improved search functionality to the actual database itself, but as we have less than 200 posts  still, it doesn’t make much difference. It’s more of a future proof thing.

I hope you like the new look, which may be adjusted slightly in the days to come. The 4 headers will proboably be replaced by custom images sometime in the near future. If you have a good photograph/image that is of sufficent resolution, let me know and we can have a look at it.

code is HPoetry.

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LIPA, the Lodge and 30years of Hendrik

I don’t have to comment on what Hans said. It is true and it is unbelievable that we only have this one lecture a week.

The lodge on the other hand has developed quite nicely during the last couple of days. What we see now are some new rooms with new and old housemates and we seem to be having a nice time in the study – unbelievable for all of us last year. But as this is no longer the study but the tea kitchen, it is a bit more understandable. Yesterday we already celebrated the “change” with a bit of half-half…

Today is Hendrik’s 30th Birthday but the party is not before Saturday. So we will see how he feels from now on – our grandpa 😉

Bye now, m8s…

Timeless. Out of time. All the time in the world.

Who knows?

It really gets to me that we only have a lecture a week at the moment. We are at university level education, there must be more to learn than what we are being thought at the moment, I mean, come on! What is this, it seems so pointless being here. Completely pointless. I just want to create a little bit of magic, but there are problems and difficulties no matter how we twist and turn it.

The reason? Because to little people care. And I am sick of it, why should it be our lodd(?) in life to bear the problems of others? So little people care because the world doesn’t care anymore. Because the world has lost all sense of purpose. And time. Slowly, second by second, we are loosing to our own vanity and carelessness.

We should care now, because in the end, we’ll be out of time.

back in liverHPool….

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The front page.

 I have restored the logo free original front page. As we should not be displaying a logo that is not finished and that we have not agreed on yet. This was in agreement with 2 of the other founding members, so it does not only come from me. I mean, I don’t want to create a  mess at all here, but I think we can all agree on that we should agree before we display a logo and similiar things to the world.

To keep our great society in high esteem and the best of reputations.


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Ahhh the Dsa deserve a kick in the proverbial Crotch

So i came all the way to London to do my motorcycle theory test in the test center here, and NO the DVA booked too many people in today so “sent me an alternative date” in a letter i am yet to have received, anyway i went there all ready for my test and they wouldn’t let me in, so i had a very big shout at the manager and got reimbursed my ticket to London, and i’m getting the test rescheduled to be in Liverpool for free. Idiots… anyway, im gonna be back tomorrow on the 9:15 or 10:15 trains from London Euston hoping to get into Liverpool at 11:47 or 12:47 and will be going straight to LIPA to enroll, considering it didn’t work the other day, anyway, ill be seeing you in the morrow,

Happy new year 5769