No pain,

no gain… no guts, no glory… pain is temporary, pride is forever and all that. My dear friend. I do not know what to say in reply to your post. But I feel something needs to be said.

I understand your sentiments, perhaps better than anyone, and I do share some of them, although I am not yet in your position, I fear I could end up there. We have talked about things before, and perhaps it is again the time to speak of some ideas and possible plans. I could say something about climbing the hill, walking the way to the top and all that, but there is no point, because you know where you want to go, it’s the path there that is clouded.

Honestly, there is no advice I can give right now that will help you, other than perhaps suggesting risking it all and going for what you want to do and not what you can do. I would gladly stand by your side in such an endavour, so it seems we should talk more about this when we get the chance.

I shall go to sleep now, as I am very tired and have yet another tiresome day with rigging ahead of me tomorrow. I expect I will find the inspiration and idea to write something more of my usual matter one of these days. I am currently in Stavanger, but when I last wrote I am doing a fashion show, I was simply confuses, as I was doing a fashion show at that time. Here I am finally doing some artistic things again, a giant outdoor theatre with a childrens choir and more…

I might be on Skype some evenings, so perhaps we get the chance to speak then. Until then, take care and try not to loose sight of where we will go!

brigHt horizons and a Peacefull sea 

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The pursuite of happiness

It has been a while since my last post and it has also been a while since any post. What is going on everywhere? Where is everyone and what are we all doing?

I am in Switzerland right now and I might be for longer, I might not be. It all depends. I realised I am not meant to do any more corporate event stuff whatsoever. This is killing me. I cannot believe some people do that all their life. How can you? I cannot think of any moment during the last three years where it was less important what you did with lighting than on all the jobs I was working on during the last days.

Today I was working on an “art” production. Sitting in a room with an orchestra playing all the most incredible combinations of “sounds” for 10 hours didn’t really help to get a better feeling for the job again.

Whatever, corporate events are not alive. They are some silly invention by people who thought it might be good to have some sort of happening for other people who really don’t care. What’s the difference between industry jobs and theatre or music gigs? Well, the latter stuff is something where lighting plays an important role to transport the feeling, the message or at least something for an audience. This audience is there on this gig, performance or whatever for the single purpose of the event itself. Doing corporate jobs means to underline the meeting of people or to shine lights on a stage where somebody presents things nobody is really interested in. And I just think it is silly to work in such a field anymore.

It will be incredibly difficult to find a way to do what I think is good to work on. But for the future it must be either the jobs that I care about or it means doing something completely different. In the end, I am not willing to waste my life on things like that.

So, I am really sorry if this sounds like a rant, but unfortunately this is all I could possibly say at the moment, as there is nothing else happening. I miss Liverpool and the good people we all found there. We had some great ideas there and I think it should be possible to realise some of it. We shall see…

Going to sleep now so that I can be with crazy musicians again tomorrow…

anyone there?

Hello my fellow society friends, I was just wondering if there is anyone around London between the 8th and 10th September… yes, next week. I just decided to visit this years PLASA – So if there’s anyone around, we could have a tiny reunion…

Just let me know… If you haven’t got a ticket yet, you can still pre-register for half price tickets as far a I know… and if you need a place to stay, I just found a quit cheap hotel room…

If you’re busy – just keep on playing

We’ll find another way…

best regards,


Orange and wild raspberry juice

is what I am currently drinking… Nothing pilosophical about life and all this from me today, just a small report on the real life dealings of the present.

I am settled in in Oslo now, my room has some furniture on it, the walls got some pictures and I have some kitchenware to cook with… :) Most days are spent working with AVAB CAC, doing shows and events of various kinds, on grandMA’s I should add! I’m off to Stavanger for a week on Saturday to do a fashion show there, details are vague, but it seems to have a 80m catwalk. (!) In between all this work I am trying to find time to catch up with old friends and enjoy the life here in Oslo. I didn’t like it a lot back when I lived here in 2004 / 2005, but now I find the city to be a nice and comforting place to stay in. It’s alive and yet so quiet.

And when I sat down on a bench today just to rest for a moment, a single leaf fell to the ground from the tree above me. It seems that autumn has arrived. During which I hope to find some time to travel and visit some of you, for a day or two. Time will tell if this is possible. That will be all for tonight.

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