A conversation.

E: I actually copied it from the blog into word and then into the blog again… so technically it originated in the blog… Yes I do quite like this using the blog like this, not too shabby eh? Anyway you have to show me how to make it so that it doesn’t go into double spacing everytime I press enter.

P.S It’s nice to see that there actually is someone else on this blog but me :-)

H:This will be a first, using the actual blog as an IM platform. I didn’t say you copied it from a website, I said you copied it, which you did, from word. It says so in the code. And it’s actually irrelevant, as it doesn’t matter where or how it was formatted, but as long as it screws up the blog there’s no point. Is there? Now, in the next post I shall make, your poem shall be, as I do have a copy (off course I do, and you know it..) but please please remember these things in the future, as it is actually quite some work for a small programmer like myself to manage every other week.

E:Because Hans is silly and often called billy and didn’t realise that I didn’t just copy and paste it from a website… which I couldn’t have because I wrote it and now cannot write it again as I don’t have a copy of it and he has deleted the only copy of it! The reason it was formatted that way was because in using the normal blog formatting, the verse structure became irregular!” I SHALL NOT APOLOGISE! for no apology is required! If I had made a mistake and copied something without first gotten rid of all the weird code then I would have reason to and would not hesitate to apologise! But now I ask that you please put back my poem in whatever format you would like as long as the verse still holds true… you have a copy of it… if you don’t then I’m sorry that its lost.

H:Because Eyal is stubborn and difficult and does not listen, his post has been removed and he shall have to appologise before it will appear again. He did it again! Strange, strange unconform, non-standard code that messes up the blog! Shame on you!

I am Shakespeare…an

Wow!! So you guys would have hated it, but today I went to the Globe for the first time, I saw the matinee show of “Merry Wives of Windsor” which I believed to be the best traditionally done Shakespeare I have ever seen… Until the evening show, “Timon of Athens” Which IS the best traditional Shakespeare I have ever seen!!! I the tickets cost me only 5 pounds each, and I was a groundling which means I was standing the whole time… It was sunny, but freezing cold, then it rained and was still freezing cold, then the sun set and the wind blew away the clouds so that we had the starry sky above us, then (because it was the closing show) for the Curtain Calls of Timon of Athens the Artistic Director came out and gave us a small talk and lots of bowing and roses. It was so incredible, and the best thing… I was alone, nobody wanted to join me for Shakespeare so I went alone, my legs are stiff from standing up all day in such cold weather, but its good that no one else was there to complain to me all day… and the best part of it all… I’m doing the same thing tomorrow… Matinee – “Liberty” Evening “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and again… just 5 pounds a ticket!!! Life is good. Here is a photo of the globe that I took today… before they asked me to put my camera away 😛


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