In Oslo

17.07 local time: I have just landed in Sandefjord and am now waiting for my next plane, a small Turboprop operated by SAS Wideroe. There is loads of snow outside. Updates follows.

optimus HPrime
late god

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One thought on “In Oslo

  1. hey hey, only you would get away with calling yourself Optimus HPrime!!! im glad you finally got to see SOME snow this year, and apparently there is alot of it, im off to see the second Shakespeare tonight, this one ive been told is good, the Actors had a huge go at Ivor about him being shit, and my rehearsals are going really really well, today started off a bit worrying, the opening scene is strange, but i got into a very funny one about sperm, salmon and indians.

    But you will see

    hope everything is going well with the King, send my love.

    The GREAT director (Greater than Ivor at least)

    Eyal Israel

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