How big can a lightbulb be…?

Yes, this is a serious question at the moment for me… I need a really big lightbulb and I found it already. But then I started to have a look into other types of lightbulbs and I found some that have a much nicer light – but they are much harder to become and more expensive… Well, we will find out in the end anyway.


Yesterday we watched “The big fish” and it is a great film! – Thanks to E-Y-A-L for that!

Ok 2morrow is Friday (already again – time seems to run) and I finally have to hand in my PM-workfile and meet with the director for Memory of Water about my … yeah – the lightbulbs. Hope she get’s what I wanna do with them… Might be a great effect with a completely different touch to the lighting side of the show. (Even though it is not green light…)

Enough for now… I have to see where all my housemates are gone… can’t find anyone… :-(

2 thoughts on “How big can a lightbulb be…?

  1. Where have all the housemates gone? Myself is out of country I know, but the rest? Hmm… should put some people on the case perhaps.. :)

  2. It turned out they were all hiding in Mike’s room whereas I had to be completely alone in mine :-(

    But they are back and we are playing a nice LAN-game in a minute… 😉

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