Truths… well, at least I think so.

Every now and then I read a blog by a guy called Dave from Rhode Island in the USA. I originally ended up on his page on one of these days, when you simply click yourself from one link to the next. He is a former gymnast and this is how I found his page by clicking through the link-jungle of former clubs of mine. Well it turned out that he is quite smart and I started to like his way of looking at things sometimes. Well, to cut this story short: Ironically under the blog title “I am dumb” he lists some truths he thinks are very true. I like what he wrote, so here they are:

  • Everything is one: separation is an illusion. You are everything and everything is you. Everything contains its opposite – except love.
  • You create your world. If you change your thoughts, you’ll change your world. Everything is a choice – including believing in barriers and limitations.
  • This moment is perfect. Life unfolded exactly as it needed to unfold. Though you came here by choice, it would have been impossible to choose differently given what you (or the people in your life) knew at the time.
  • Nothing real dies.
  • Within every situation is a lesson. The most painful situations often contain the most important lessons. If you keep creating a situation in your life, it is because you need to learn the lesson that the situation is offering.
  • Your relationship with your self is the most important relationship you can have.
  • Practicing acceptance is one of the secrets to happiness. You must accept yourself, others and this moment. The only person you can change is yourself. You can educate, love, help and support other people – but you can’t change other people. Change is a decision that we must make for ourselves. Struggling against this moment has never changed the way things are. Surrender.
  • Each of us was created to observe the universe in our own unique way and to tap into our purpose. There is something that each of us can do better than anyone else that will help mankind.
  • Everything is infinitely beautiful. We look at beauty through a pair of sunglasses. If we could see how beautiful this world was – and everyone within – we would die.

Some of the things here tie in perfectly with some of the things we have been discussing lately. What I coincidence to find this blog post right now… Oh wait! It could have been destiny! 😉

Well, in case you want to check his blog have a look at