Hello…!? Is there anybody out there?

It seems I have to write something every now and then, just to keep the blog alive. This is particularly ironic as I almost finished this blog some time ago…

Well, without repeating myself, we are all kept quite busy, pretty much with ourselves. Everyone has to sort out some things and the time here is running away from us now. Only a few more weeks, a couple of days and the Brookfield Lodge will no longer be our home. It has become our home, the place we live, and where our hearts are free. The lodge always was a reliable friend, offered us all shelter and protected us from the world outside. We will keep the memory of it alive as the place we all came together, became friends. I hope the Lodge will continue to welcome students over the next years. (Even though it isn’t a hostel any more…)

On the other hand, the last week started for us all to finish the final research paper. It almost marks the most significant last step in LIPA. But – hold on – there are still another two sessions of “Storytelling with Neil” to go through. It is incredible that a person like him is allowed to “teach” anyone. Not only are the lectures the most boring experience you will probably have in your life, they are also completely useless, stupid and on top of it all – not even funny. And again, this is a remarkable achievement, considering how boring a lot of other sessions during the last three years were. But again, tomorrow we will have the final two “lectures” and then the official part of LIPA is over. Again, time is running.

What else. Yesterday I went to see “Classical Spectacular” in the Liverpool Echo Arena. Besides the slightly distracting fire alarm and the emergency announcements caused by the indoor fireworks, the arena makes a very good impression. OK, they really concreted over all the sockets in the floor, but hey, you can’t get everything right, can you?

And this may only be for us insiders: Hog rules! Blue desks are still much more stylish than these gray blocks with huge orange buttons and rainbow screen menus!

Go! See the world!