Lessons learnt…

It seems that those things we have taken for granted for so long, turn out to be mere shadows of former doubts. An optical illusion that you can see if you look at through the corners of your eyes, for when you look directly at it you will find that it isn’t at all what you first thought.
All for one and one for all, I don’t think that statement needs further explaining.
There is no shame in the scars of former wounds.

You will never appreciate breathing as much as when you are short for breath, you will never hate your heart as much as when it beats so loudly you think the whole world can hear it.

There are many forms of love… some passive, some active, some obsessive, some platonic, some romantic, some requited but most not, some conscious, but most not… and thats ok too, because it doesn’t make it any less than love.
To name that thing that you are afraid of will instantly make it less scary, so here i go, (in my typical analogical manner):

The Tunnel we have been walking down has been dark and long, and for some reason we have been more afraid of the rats beneath our feet than the train before our eyes, but we are nearly at the platform now. And I for one will not carry on walking down the track to the next stop, I’m getting on the train.