Some adaptation needed

Sometimes we do things, that we regret the very next second. Sometimes we cannot understand why we did what we did a minute later. It seems senseless and completely stupid. Sometimes, what we have done can be repaired, fixed, be undone. But sometimes it can’t.

There are days when I can move from complete happiness to depression within hours. Days, when the light seems to have lost me and left me in a cold, dark cave far away from everything. The walls seem to close in on me and it becomes hard to see any hope in the darkness. Most of the time, something, and it mostly is something very very small happens and suddenly there is light again. My mood lightens up again and there is a smile.

The past months have brought deep changes for some of our members here and as we can tell, the situation seems difficult to overcome.

During my research for the FRP and Turrell’s work, I found out that a lot of his pieces use darkness to transport the actual message of the work. By throwing the visitor in complete darkness, he forces his body to adapt to the darkness. This adaptation process, when our eyes try to determine something useful in the pitch-black environment, needs time. In this time our other senses get sharpened and become more sensitive. After a certain time, we become aware of a slight light glowing at one end of the room. Because the room was never completely dark, there has always been a light. We just were not able to see it at first.

Perhaps Hans, the adaptation needs a bit of time. And experience shows, it does. But there was always light, it has never been extinguished and it will continue to shine. And the closer you move towards it, once you have recognised it, the brighter it will shine for you. At this point you will notice all the other people that have been in this dark void with you all the time. They were just not detectable at first.

So let’s go and see for ourselves…