too.. I think

Perhaps we are getting caught up in semantics.

Perhaps the winning and losing we are talking about is duality where there should in fact be a trinity, to win, to lose, and the Japanese letter Mu, not to lose not to win, not 1, but not 0. To simply be. Existence, quality, whatever that quality is. As Georg said, our lives do not add up to the sum of their parts, and as Hans said the sum of our lives is all that matters regardless of the parts. I think that our lives is nothing to do with winning or losing, for anything that takes us from one moment to the next is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but it is the quality, the Mu of that step that determines where we end up. There is no losing and winning in life, for to live is already to have won, but to make the most of what that holds for you.

I think…