Report from BLS-1 advance Northern division…

Or something like that… I just like cool post names. :p

(*edit: I just realised this will be my 80th post on this blog. Yey me!)

I figured an update from the land of mountains is in order, seeing as I haven’t spoken to any of you in some time now. On saturday, the dancers performed Frameless at Sunndal culture festival in Sunndalsøra, which is on the west of Norway at the deep end of a fjord. The day before we went hiking in the mountains and we had lots of fun and got to see some amazing sceenery. For those of you who don’t know, Sunndalsøra is where Line and her family lives. On Sunday, myself and mr. Manchester and ms. Ireland set course for Trondheim, where we have been playing tourists for the past two days, visitng old places and local pubs. Today we are taking the train to Oslo, where we will spend Thursday and the better part of Friday before we go to Signhild’s place on Friday evening to see a show she has put together with the kids she is teaching.

On Sunday this week our paths will diverge, the foreigners will head back to the pool of life whilst I will stay with Signhild for a week or so. I also plan on finding a place to stay in Oslo at some point, as that would be quite usefull to have when I get back from Edinburgh.

That was all for now. Have fun, take care and all that… Miss you all.

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