New Horizons.

Oliver Twist and La Ronde finished their London run last night, and today they drive to Wales for the beginning of their tour, which means my role (for the time being) is over. I arrived home last night and realised that yet again the void approaches, but I’m not nearly as afraid of it as I was last time, I have applied for some work at the Young Vic (Ushering), to get some money in, and I’m also working on an exciting new concept for the “Lulu Plays” and hoping that the Gate Theatre will accept my proposal. Also I’m now reading ALOT of Sonnets because the Sonnet Walks are coming up in April and I’m preparing early for them. As well as the ever impending interview for the Kings Head Theatre Islington, I just got forwared an email that someone sent to the Artistic Director speaking very highly of me… hopefully that will sway things a little bit. So although (for nearly 19 hours now) I am officially unemployed, I can see mountains on the horizon, and though they are distant I am no longer afraid to traverse the desert to reach them.

Even If….

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  1. Eyal my man! Just found this on the ye ole’ LIPA moodle site. Good stuff, good to know all is well with you, and an interesting read! Keep the faith


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