Chasing cars

OK, before you ask – no I am not chasing cars, but this is the song I am listening to at the moment.

Well, long time of silence here from certain people and then – a lot to say! 😉 I think it all sounds quite good from you Eyal. Times will bring the right thing for you and I am sure you have the passion to keep walking into the right direction. But please sleep a little more – when I was in London a few weeks ago, you were really tired…

Things here are not changing a lot – hopefully my flathunting will have an end after this weekend. Almost four weeks in a hotel room can become a little – well tight. Just finished another one of the really challenging jobs today. 6 fresnels on for a lectern on a stage. It was quite tricky – especially as the presenters in the end decided to stand in front of the stage all the time. Well, at least I didn’t have to move the 6 faders I had… 😉

Last weekend I did a nice gig really high up in the mountains. OK – it was a sound job and I had to rig and operate a PA for a bike-race at night, but it was nice because of the surrounding nature. From this point of view Switzerland is really nice. There are a lot of really lovely places very near by and I am just starting to find them all. So if I can find a little more interesting lighting work besides the day-2-day business, it should be quite fun. Currently I am planing a big show in October and at the moment we try to find out wheather the rigging points for my truss construction can actually be provided in the place. We shall see…

I remembered something again, something I haven’t thought about for quite a while now. It is a famous quote by Walt Disney: If you can dream it, you can do it. I always was a great believer in this and I think I have to revive this a bit again. There are a lot of dreams still to be dreamt and I am just starting it again. Maybe I don’t know the path and maybe I cannot see it right now, but I can dream about where I will eventually end up. But I can tell you one thing. It is really hard. Because not only do I have to dream a lot now 😉 I also have to keep up the faith that dreams come true… Welcome to my emotional rollercoaster. During the last weeks I realised more than ever before that I really miss my Liverpool friends. When I was there together with you all, I almost never had any thought like that.

OK. I think we will keep us posted, until then: Good dreams!

One thought on “Chasing cars

  1. I know what you mean, tonight I went to visit an ex girlfriend of mine and her new Boyfriend… it was surprisingly pleasant, but its about 40 minutes drive away from me, so on the way back I decided to take it slow and enjoy the fact that im on empty country lanes at night so I was on the road for a little while just thinking, and when i take the moment to just stop from the hussle and bustle of trying to “make it” I miss you guys and our time in Liverpool, I’m going up to the pool on Wednesday for a meeting and was very excited until i realised that neither of you guys will be there…

    Don’t worry I am getting MUCH more sleep now, the past few weeks had stretched my hours of sleep far more than I think ever before, but now that its all over I can finally get my full 8 hours a night and still have enough time to do a good amount of reading and correspondence during the day. Depending on how this next week pans out… (and If you get a flat and have the time) Perhaps I’ll come visit you sometime in the next months before New Years (which we are all spending in Norway yes?)

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