Disney was a great man…

and so are you my friends! I am glad you have started dreaming again my friend, and I hope and believe you will find what you are looking for. As well as Disney I often look too Paulo Coelhom, the great author, when it comes to dreaming, and he has another quote which is important to remember: “If you wish for something strong enough, all the forces of the universe will work towards that end”.

I realised it is a long time since I had written anything here, which is quite unusual for me, but work has me occupied most days and it is difficult to find the energy required to write something. Now I have a few days off, so you might hear some more from me, AND, I might get some other things done as well… websites etc… Work has been mostly events and a few concerts, and the big outdoor theatre project in Stavanger, and we are planning even more events, but there are also some more exciting projects comming up in November and December. I shall be comming to the UK again in January to do a dance show with mr. Greig again, possibly even the tour, so I will let you know if I come around any of your neigbourhoods.

Speaking of December, we MUST try and make something happen for a new years celebration together in some part of the world. I have said you can all come north to Trondheim, but if anyone has other ideas please let us know!

Keep dreaming and thinking. Keep strong and faithfull. Remember what capacity you have and what lies in your heart. Remember that we are not required to know the path, or the end, only that we will walk it and that it will come. Such is life, all we can do really, is to make the best of it. And Georg my friend, on the bakside of a little red book something very important is written. When in doubt, take it out of the shelf and read it for yourself over and over again. It is true you see, and as long as you keep dreaming, the rest of the world will know as well.

Hans’s Pc is working againg! (the one with the broken screen…)

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  1. I have to say, I really like the quote of Mr. Coelho… and yet again, it worked! Finally I got the flat I wanted… the universe has some powerful forces. It is important for all of us to know that.

    Thanks Hans!

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