Things and us

The things we can change and the things we can not change. That is all the decisions we must make, and wether we decide to try and change the things we can not change or we do change the things we can, we must decide. However, one is not to say it is a waste of time trying to change things we can not change.

You can form, shape and color light as you want. You can point it where you want it to light up and take it away where you want shadow to be. You can alter the appearance of any stage and illuminate or darken any subject as it fits into your imagination. But you can not change light, you can not make it go around a corner or stop at a certain point. But you can control it, make it go on and off when you want. Where you want. The appereance of light, that, you can change.

I can read and write complex code and mathematics, I can put strings together to form a presentation or a program. I can add two and two together and it will always be four. I can not change it. But I can use it to alter how it is seen, structured and executed. I can change the behaviour of a program or the layout of a presentation. I can decide what people will see and read, I can make two become six and four become twelve. I can change it.

You can manipulate words and the meaning of sentences. You can create and structure dialogue, bend it to your will. You can use that talent to talk about the past, to convey history (and stories) as you see fit and how your eyes see it, but you can not change it. You make up your opinion on what the future might hold, you dream, you plan and you imagine what it will be like, tomorrow, next week, next year or in a thousand years from now. And you can change it.

Such are the things and us. We must decide what to change and what not to. Or we must decide what we want to change and what we don’t want to. Neither way is a vaste of time, for such are the things and us.

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