Us and things

The world is always the way we want to see it. This is how I would describe it. There are things we cannot change and there are things we can. But actually we all have to ultimate tool to change everything: Imagination.

It is the key that unlocks every door, the key that gives us the power to do whatever we want and ultimately imagination is what really changes the world in the end. It may well be that two and two will always add up to four. But who says it couldn’t be five? Or twelve? Or maybe … blue? You see, if you want to, you can always believe in something else and there is no real proof that 2 and 2 add up to 4. Why? Because it is only words and numbers, things we as human beings made up long time ago that describes something very abstract. Someone once imagined that one single thing equals the number 1 and the word describing it is called “one”. So here we go. But your imagination can still imagine it to be “blue”… why not? Because who said that “blue” describes a colour…? You see, this is one of the topics I really enjoy talking about. Tearing the system apart and thinking of it from a complete absurd point of view. Turning it upside down. This is what imagination does and this is what gives me my ideas. For everything.

It is important to keep our imagination alive. Because imagination is – as we all know, and I keep saying it over and over again – more important than knowledge… because knowledge is limited.

Enjoy the infinite freedom in your own head! Good night my friends!

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  1. Georg-E!!!!

    We’ve missed you… well I have at least… I think Hans is too busy in paradise…

    Did you hear that… I think it was the sound of a distant Bing…


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