He did it again!

Just as you were getting used to the updated WordPress layout of the admin panel, Hans goes abouts and updates it again. We are now running version 2.7.1 which is the latest official release. This update provides the biggest change of the admin panel in WP history as well as major improvements to the core files. Improved support for additional widgets, plugins and the ability to interface out to other platforms is one of the key features. Improved search engine optimization as well as improved in-site searching are also things that might come in handy.

From now on, there are two features I would like everyone to take notice of and please use! (This is not mandatory, but as our DB grows, will make the blog easier to search as well easier to promote). Whenever you write a post, look to your right, just above the categories list. There you will see a frame with the headline “Tags”. It would be cool if we all could start using this feature. Basically, just type in a few keywords that match what you are writing about for that particular post, or click on the link that says “choose from the most popular tags” to select tags used before.

The other thing is that at the very bottom of all the options for each post (bottom of middle column) there is something called “All in One SEO Pack” which is pretty self explanatory, but again, I would be most happy if you could take the time to fill out. At least a few simple keywords. Nothing fancy is needed.

Anyhow, that was todays tech talk. How are you guys? Haven’t read or heard from you in a while now. Hope you are doing well with whatever you are up to at the moment. Signhild and me are off to Liverpool on Wednesday and we will stay there until Sunday the 1st. I am looking forward to it!

again, tHe Programmer.

8 thoughts on “He did it again!

  1. Again as we develop technologies to make our everyday lives easier, someone like Hans comes along and shows us how things that make our lives easier can actually… quite effectively make our lives… significantly harder… it started off with small things like categorising posts… then all the fancy things to type in to actually get to type a post… then the silly thing at the bottom of the page to type in that tells everyone im not a machine… (the irony is that a machine wouldn’t get annoyed by it). Then I couldn’t copy text from anything but wordpad, now we have to categorise our posts further… and an SAO thing… Which (by the way) is the complete opposite of self explanatory… So you see… to the not so frequent viewer of this blog Hans’ post seems like just nice general housekeeping… but us making regular use of it know the truth about how we are being controlled by the system! We do not post… WordPress puts the thoughts into our minds and compells us to sign our name to them! Who will save us from our Digital Cage???

    But in all seriousness, I’m sure I’ll get used to the new stuff and we can get back to me loading viruses onto the blog and you telling me off ok?

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  3. I think its saying that my argument is invalid because Hans’ post was titled “he did it again” thus showing that infact Hans is prone to these sorts of things… or something along those lines… eitherway… I think it was a good rant worthy of the amount of responses it has had… or more even!

  4. Georg said he didn’t get the second comment. I would say that is spam which somehow slipped through our web of anti spam measures…

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