The ability to dream

Brick walls are there for a reason… they show us how much we really want something. True. They do.

When you can dream about it, you can reach it. Walt Disney said that. And again: True.

Are there limitations to those rules? Does it work? If you believe in something strong enough, does it then come true? I always believed that. But then, I found out, there is an exception to this. Some things maybe cannot be changed by your will to do so. Some things you have to start a new dream and forget about the old one. Sometimes dreams just fade and never come true. It is a sad and hard truth.
Some walls do show us how much we want something that is behind this wall. But some walls cannot be torn down and we won’t be able to just walk around them. So in the end, the walls show us how much we really want the one thing behind this wall… but this doesn’t help us either.

… Still going nowhere… sorry…

P.S.: I appreciate the thoughts you mentioned Hans. I really do :-)