The Man Who was Peter Pan

Ok guys, I thought i would post the developments on “The man who was Peter Pan” on here for everyone to know what is happening,

I First Spoke to Mark Orsini at Bret Adams in New York, who took my details and forwarded them onto the person now representing Mr Allan Knee,

Then when waiting for some sort of reply i found an article about Allan Knee by a journalist in Detroit by the name of Kenneth Jones, and Bart leans over my shoulder and says “Oh i know him” so he emailed him, and i got Allan Knee’s Personal Email address, i emailed him, and didn’t hear anything for two or 3 days, but tonight i got an email from a man called Mark Sendroff, he is Allan’s Lawyer, i feel that all of my emails got forwarded to him, he is pretty damn big in the industry, so i am in the process of talking to him about going around the contract between Marimax and Allan Knee, for the script, but thats all for now, any help would be appreciated, anything you can find out about Mark Sendroff, or who we know in Marimax would be helpful.

Eyal Israel