The truth of lies

Yes. The truth is always best. Even though¬†there may never be a comfortable time to tell it, the aspect that shows the most about our character, or infact our soul is that we recognise that uncomfortableness, because for us to tell the truth may hurt someone, it may offend them. Yes. It is best in the long run but initially it could hurt them, and that is why we feel uncomfortable, because we don’t want to see them hurt.

What’s the difference between a good person and a bad person is the balance between the wisdom to know we cannot always be good and honest, the stubbornness to try, and the foolishness of blaming ourselves when we fail.

The universe is so huge and we are so small, there is only one thing we can truly control, wether we are good or evil.

We become the people we will ourselves to be, or infact we are already the people we will ourselves to be, because only the people we are would will ourselves to be that specific thing, therefore surely the pursuit for truth makes us truthful people, the pursuit for good makes us good, and the pursuit for god proves our faith.

thinking when i’m not DirEctIng