Madonna pt2 Aka Contacting Chris

Jules often jokes that were he to have any more children, Chris would no longer be the favourite. When Chris was a child this made him cry, then when he was a little older he found it quite endearing, but lately he finds it just irritating. That isn’t the reason he left although in heated moments you will hear him declare that it was, the truth is Chris left because he doesn’t want to take care of the farm for his whole life, and who could blame him? Who wants to look after a farm with only one old slightly masochistic sheep. Although in the days Chris was here that farm was a different place, I don’t think he knows that there are no animals left, maybe if he did he would come round. Jules never admits it but he misses the kid around the place, actually Jules always mentions it, the thing he doesn’t mention is the reason why he never actually invites Chris round. But it seems lately Jules has been leaving Chris an awful lot of messages… and I’m worried, because even a Son’s stubborness can only last so long. So in all of the phonecalls and letters Jules has sent, we are wondering what has happened to Chris. But Jules doesn’t concern himself with such thoughts, he just sits close to the phone because it’s where the most comfortable chair in the house is (not coincidentally) and only gets up to eat, or shout at Madonna.

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