A few square metres…

… on different levels of Terminal 1 of the London Heathrow airport, that is the arrival and departure area. Nothing glamorous, nothing special and certainly not the place where you would expect to witness what makes the world go round. And what keeps us going.

When you come back from a journey and leave the luggage area there are always the people waiting to pick someone up. And they have a smile on their face. There is this happiness to see someone again they missed. For a long time, for a lifetime or just for a time that felt like a lifetime. You don’t see hate there, as it says very right in “Love actually”.

When you leave and go on a journey, you are one level up above the ones just coming back. If you watch closely, you will notice the completely opposite atmosphere. People leave, there are tears, the little boy cannot let go of his father, who cannot let go of his son. The mother does not want to cry, but cannot help it. There is the young couple who was fine until they reached the point when both realised that this means to say good-bye now. There is this guy with his girlfriend opposite my table and all of a sudden tears just run down his cheeks. It is sad to watch and it makes me feel with all those people. But there is something else that I in a way admire. Something we will never be able to see, never be able to understand.

It is what makes the world go round. What makes us human. And it is good to know it is there. Love.