brookfield lodge society go on tour

a great member of the society today in several hours will be leaving the country to go home to israel and some other members of the society have already ventured off into the big wide world, a mr hp in norway and the infamous mr G (minus the E) in germany its a sad time, sad indeed but there is still one german and a national of a country fond of cheese and chocolate! i shall be in israel for 17 days till the 31st of may and then will hopefully will start work of some description who knows. hey… i know you guys dont really care but i miss you guys, things feel trapped here i just want to go and direct somewhere, lets hope it happens, oh oh oh and i have been working in an art gallery and kept arguing with the staff about “what art is” anyway im not working there anymore he he he so what is everyone doing? is anyone even checking the website?

from Eyal
the worlds greatest (and most modest) director!!!!

2 thoughts on “brookfield lodge society go on tour

  1. Hmm, Eyal, where you drunk or just tired when you wrote this? It just doesn´t sound like you… but then again, it´s a written text, so it doesn´t sound at all. We miss you too, enjoy Israel!!

  2. Wow, a blog post!!! And of course a very rational analysis of it by our famous Norwegian scientist 😉 Eyal, it feels the same here in Germany. I am really bored most of the time… It’s much more fun with you guys. But I hope you have a good time in Israel – come back safe! And call me on Skype one day… none of you all seems to be online at any time…

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