PPF, jobs and open-air cinema

It has been quite quiet around here I think. So here is what is going on in “Dark-Germany” as René would say: At the moment I am working on my PPF (Placement Project File) for our Las Vegas placement. Excitement would be the wrong word I would say. It cannot express how much fun it is to collect all the stuff together. At least I wrote the wonderful evaluation about what I learned already so the hard part is over.

During the last weeks I was working on getting some jobs for the summer. It wasn’t a very smooth start at the beginning but now it looks quite good and I think I might have to do a lot of WYSIWYG work this summer, besides some events all over Germany. This means I might be able to come back after the summer to “The Pool”. 😉

And finally, this weekend, the open-air cinema season starts. The weather is brilliant at the moment, reaching 30°C almost every day now, which means there will be plenty of opportunities to watch films open-air. OK now, enjoy your time, wherever you are at the moment. Keep in touch!