Hitchhiking, The dead sea, and Georg’s post!

Ok so yesterday i went to the dead sea, and it was the most relaxing experience of my life, i felt like i was flying, (now hans will say “yes, cause you were floating”) i know i was floating, and by flying i dont mean the weightlessness, i mean the sensation of absolute freedom, i had a competition with my father yesterday about who could hitchhike to the dead sea from Jerusalem the fastest, and if you know the geography of Israel, then you’ll realise that its not really that far at all, so i won, because i got picked up by an extremely attractive girl (because apparently im exotic even here) and my father got picked up by a group of religious jews, got into an argument with them about religion and had to walk across a bit of desert.. he he he. anyway, so the girl that picked me up was the daughter of the artistic director of the national theatre of Israel, and i had a chat with her for ages and ages, and before any of you even start to think of anything i assure you, “ich bin treu” i got an email from her father, about me working over here for a bit, which is exciting, i met him this morning for coffee, and he is interested in my new play, which i have started writing a few days ago, a tragic comedy, about 3 men who’s sons just got drafted to the army and want to join them, but cannot due to the immense differences in technology since their days in the army and now, so they decide to break into the war museum and steal one of their old tanks, it is half in english and half in hebrew, the english is the bulk of the play, but the hebrew is the flashbacks that they have about their days in the army, its about comradship, love, and the recapturing of youth!

ok so i have one thing to say about Georg’s post, you didnt categorise it! quick do it before Hans sees, and hey hey hey i hope you are coming back to the pool in september, me and hans can’t watch Stargate without you… ok there are other reasons too… but mainly Stargate.

 I have attached a picture of someone at the Dead sea, i found it on the internet, its not me or anyone i know, but its really really funny!

 Eyal Israel