A new record, summer in Norway and handing in work by mail

Wow, Eyal, I am sure you just created a new record! 12 lines without full stop! (And Hans: No, I didn’t check the world record book or something to see if it is really a new record – I would put in a smiley here, but the blog software always locates them very randomly that there is no point). Conratulations for winning the bet with your Dad and the new contacts Eyal.

Wow again. Hans, what you have over there in Norway is anything but summer. 8 degrees – wait and it will snow again soon (You know I am right with this – I even was in Las Vegas (Smiley here again)). I would get crazy when it never gets dark! Here it still is hot with 33 degrees at the moment. As we are all working all the summer now, we really should find a date for us all to meet. It would be sad if not. Send me your proposals for July or August and we will find a way…

As I am not as lazy with hand-in work as Hans lately is (Smiley) I sent my file to LIPA today. It was insanely expensive!!! I hope it arrives on time – I have send Ashley an email that I sent it in now, but of course he didn’t reply. (Crying smiley) It was a boring process to finish this file, but I am glad that I am done with it now, because otherwise I would have had to do it besides the everyday work and after 8 hours work and 200 kilometres on the road every day I think the result would have been … bad.

OK guys, this seems to be a nice platform to communicate. Send me an email with your free time over the summer please. And I will try to improve by posting this here in the right category. (Smiley)