We can make the future.

We can make the future. And what a perfect opportunity it is to begin a new phase of our dreams. A new decade, a new chance. I am afraid that the decade just passed will be remembered as the decade of terrorism and war, of climate change and of human suffering. Let’s make sure this one doesn’t get the same legacy. Let’s make it about peace and understanding, about action and compassion.

And let us begin with ourselves. The saying is that if you save one life you save the whole world. So think about which life you can save. Someone you can help. Maybe someone needs a few hours every week, or maybe someone needs a lifetime. It doesn’t matter. Another saying is that with great power comes great responsibility. The strong should help the weak, it’s the principal part of beeing human, we don’t leave our weak and our poor to suffer and die, we help them. Thus, we have a responsibility to our kind – to help the ones in need of whatever aid we can offer.

It seems we, the BLS have set itsef into motion in the way that (on my part) was always intended.

let’s HelP each other