Kick off.

I guess tomorrow is the official kick off for what is surely going to be a lot of wedding planning. Wish us luck. We’re going venue scouting! We’ve just started thinking about this properly the past few weeks or so, and already, I’m realising this is a pretty hefty event to pull off… I mean, this is the one day in your life where you want everything to be just perfect. Nothing ever is though, so trying to come as close as possible will have to do. I shall keep you all posted.

We passed 100 registered readers on this blog yesterday by the way. Congratulations. Visitor numbers have gone down the past three months, hopefully we’ll get them back up with Eyal’s new strategy of increased activity. Hope you all are doing well. We would love to get more comments though…

Signing off.

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3 thoughts on “Kick off.

  1. May I be the first blogger to say congratulations on the Engagement!

    Remember the wedding is the beginning of the marriage rather than the end of it, so regardless of whether things go to plan in the small details the idea of you two spending your lives together is the important part!


  2. … and can I just mention that I think the most perfect thing is to find someone you want to spend you life with. So don’t get too caught up in details about a room and a big cake 😉

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