It’s still cold. Godamnit.

Outside it feels like winter and spring is still fighting it out over who’s gonna be in control the next few months. I hope for everybodys sake that spring wins. I am so tired of freezing, beeing wet, having snow everywhere… and, oh, did I mention freezing?

I mean, I am good, I take my vitamins, my fish oil pills, I eat healthy and I wear home knitten wollen socks. I do my part. Now it would be great if nature would do it’s part, and keep winter to official winter months, and let spring have it’s way as soon as February ends. But no, somehow, someone didn’t get the memo. At some point, when I can afford it, I am either a) buying a 18k lamp and putting it in a crane outside my window or b) moving to a warmer place in winter. (I will still come back for christmas, as I need to have snow then… ) Yeah, I know, I’m being slightly demanding here now… but seriously, if everyone would just do as I say then we would all live in peace. Really.

And that was my point. Listen to what I am saying. Yes, I’m talking to you. (not you Eyal… (or Georg))

lead, follow or get out of tHe way Please

(and yes, I know how it’s spelt)