The man who wasn’t Georg

There is this man, and contrary to me wanting him to have been Georg, he wasn’t. He was German… from Munch in fact… in fact he was even from Bobingen before Munch. He had a way of starting a sentence and finishing it off with ‘well… you know’ and having you actually know. He had a laugh that made you feel like he had just discovered jokes and loved them!

This man’s name is Peter, and as much as I wanted him to be Georg… he wasn’t.

Peter was touring a show to a Theatre I work at and we instantly struck up a rapport, mainly because I just get his humor and we both enjoyed making fun of each other. He instantly reminded me of Georg, which in one way made me miss being back in the Lodge throwing a ball back and forth and not worrying about dropping it, but in another way made me happy to meet this new person who I get on with so well.

I find myself meeting a lot of people these days, on shows, in auditions, at the theatre, all people who are wonderful and friendly and kind and I find that I consider them all my friends no matter how short or long I have known them. But they all go off to do their own things and live their own lives and we shall most probably never meet again. I was working on a touring comedy show two weeks ago and their touring manager was a guy called James who was very good at his job but completely overwhelmed, so I designed and programmed his show for him and put all of the paperwork together as well as convert the show file into half a dozen different formats so he can use it on all sorts of desks. When his show went I got forwarded an email from my manager from him that was just glowing with praise and thanks to me and my team for being so amazing, and this made me feel really quite special, so after his show went I was excited to meet the next people who came to the theatre, which was Peter.

On Thursday the show had finished and Peter and his team left and I found myself although briefly consoled by him being around, now feeling a little sad, not that he had gone, but because he reminded me about how much I enjoyed being around you guys. And how of all the people I meet I don’t think I’ll come across friends quite like you.

So this takes me back to the age old discussion in my mind. Peter was like Georg in so many ways, and yet nothing like him at all. I could meet four people tomorrow called Jans, George, Henrick, and Mich, and they could be exactly like you in every way, except for one.

They did not share the experiences that we did. We are the people we are because of the experiences we have. And because I’m quite into my Bonsai Trees at the moment I’ll compare us to that, two seeds that are completely identical will grow into completely different shaped trees based on where the sun is, how much water they get, how much space their roots have, if there are insects and if there are other plants sharing their space with them.

There is this man, and contrary to me wanting him to have been Georg, he wasn’t, and for that I am thankful.

Ever Interested