Sometimes you stumble across something when you least expect to. This morning I read the online newspaper and quite far down there was a video about “hope”. I was wondering, what this has to do with our everyday business. Before I found that video, I could read about the oil spill, the economic crisis in Europe and dead civilians after a horrible suicide bombing in Afghanistan. And then “hope”?

Well, the video was made at the German church congress and they simply asked random people: What is it you are hoping for? The answers seemed quite diverse at first, but eventually, they all had one thing in common. All of the people wished for peace and love in their life. And that the world would eventually find a way to come together and be the long wished “world community” without all the war and hate we see all around the globe every day.

So, I think this is what we are all looking and longing for: Peace and love in our lives. Am I wrong? What is it you are hoping for?

Give me some of your ideas…

And not an entirely different thing: If you wanna see one of the really beautiful masterpieces in current film making, off-side the ever so present action-dolby-surround-explosion cinema you should really watch “A Single Man”. It is an extremely aesthetic film, with wonderfully captured images, brilliant actors and an impressively silent and moving score. Have a look, it is worth it.

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hope I believe, is the feeling that one day, somehow, it will all work itself out. The feeling that if we just try hard enough. – we will succeed.

    I hope that one day, everyone will understand

  2. I hope that when I stop running I will have enough momentum to carry myself forwards.

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