Our social inteligence

I have been wanting to comment on Georg’s post for a while, but I wanted to wait until I had the time to read and understand the subject more fully before I did so, as not to get the facts and figures wrong (in case I need them on my side).

One thing is the moral issue here. Should we all help each other to better ourselves and society? Definetly. Should those who are strong and resourceful help those who are weak and poor? Yep. Is it a human moral obligation to aide those who are less fortunate than yourself? I think so.

But for the sake of the argument, we can put all this aside. Forget moral obligation and ethical standards. Let go of community belief and beeing a good samaritan. And the vote still came out wrong. Why?

It’s stupid.

Yes, it’s plain stupid not to make everyone, not just the few, as smart and as good as they can be. You don’t blunt your blade before going to war. You don’t let half your country grow up without a proper education. In the long run, nobody benefits from this. People with lesser education tend to have more labour intense jobs, which means they are more prone to injury, which means they need treatment, and sickpay and all these things that will cost society millions of euros every year. They also work shorter, statistically, which means they cost more in pension when they retire.

All these things will have to, eventually, be paid for by taxpayers money, which also include those who have more money and are happy leaving things they way they are now… the taxmoney could have been spent on further improvement of the schools, the healthcare system or taking care of the old people, but no, they decided to keep it the way it is. Plain stupid.

I think one thing is to be worried about our social concience. I guess this we can change over time. But the social inteligence?

Maybe we’re fucked after all.

Has stoPped beeing surprised

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  1. Yes… that is what I thought.

    By the way… I like the general new look of the page. It is nice. Is there a way we could swap the picture on top for something else? It looks like a little depressing, now that it is still summer 😉

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  2. Yes, I will swap the pictures for the ones we had on the old page, so that it randomizes every now and then…

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