Girlfriends, friends, and family… and still no work!

Well Lauren has been here for 1 week… out of 9 and we are doing pretty well i would like to think, she of course sends her love to you both, she starts work on Thursday, so that will get her doing things on her own which is good, all my friends are slowly travelling back to London for the summer, and Bart is now here for a few days because he has an interview. Today is fathers day here in England, but my father is no longer living in England, so i am going to my grandparents for lunch. I applied for another job yesterday but don’t think i will get it, I just need one to get more its that one i cant manage. i have lots of opportunities outside London but i cant leave because of Lauren and other reasons.

Something has come up over here in the family and i don’t really know how bad it will be yet, but there is a possibility that i wont be back next year, its a small chance, but its gotten me thinking of the things that are important, I’ll let you guys know about it as soon as i know more.

Anyway on a more jolly note, i have categorised my post and all is well on that end, i am not reading much at all and am not writing much at all i cant seem to get a free minute to do it, but just before Lauren got here i started writing a stage version of “Peter Pan in Scarlet” (the sequel) from the perspective of Michael (Wendy’s brother) who died in the second world war and therefore is not in the story, and i use Neverland as a metaphor for heaven. When i get near my notes ill type up my prologue, i would like to know what you guys think… plus it gives Hans something to think about other than chip number V69876921… e and it gives Georg something to think about other than the transparency settings on his WYG which he will never get to work because WYG just isn’t built that way!

This is BLS E1 signing off!