I know when it was…

There were two of them.

– the first, in retrospect, quite obvious; we were in the PMA, watching a really badly lit dance piece, it was our first week together, and Eyal, sitting next to Katrin, turns to me and says – I really want to be a lighting designer!

– the second, more subtle, yet still defining for us as what we want to be – in the PC suite on 5th floor, Didrik and I were having a conversation about Mac’s versus Vari-Lite. Didrik exclaims – Mac (…) they’re the greatest… upon which I reply – they’re good, but Vari-Lite still has the edge. At this point Georg chips in with what, which in retrospect I’m sure he regret ever saying – Hans is right, (…) I think the VL’s are better.

Inconsequential conversations one might say. But truly, life defining moments they turned out to be. For what would any one of us be without the other?

notHing without Passion