Is this it?

Some observations on the big world from a small corner up north. Neither experienced nor witnessed, just how I see the world.

Are we about to witness a history-defining moment? The next few days will be instrumental in deciding the fate of the lifes of millions and millions of people living in the middle east. Will they rise up and take what is theirs by right? or will the oppresors again use unspeakably brutal force to quell this uprising?

This could very well be the “Berlin-moment” of the middle east. We should help them. By all means and resources required for a peaceful revolution, we, who have spoken of democratic enlightenment for so long, can not let this chance pass us. We should help them. We must help them. And we must show the other oppressive regimes in the region that continued support of terrorism, torture, the oppression of their people and the free speach will no longer be tolerated, and we must help the citizens of such regimes to rise up against them on their own. For only if the revolution comes from within will the people have faith in whoever is chosen to lead from chaos. History has proven this countless times, let’s hope world leaders don’t forget this.

What can I do? Far from everything, safely in place in this country where all are tolerated, freedom of speach has long been tolerated and peace has reigned for 60 odd years. What can we in the outside world do?

We can support them. In voice, in heart, and in action. Like anonymous has proven, a bunch of people on the other side of the planet can quite easily bestow fear in totalitarian governments. All we have to do really, is remember to tell everyone we can. That we should help them. That we must help them.

Want to join us?

freedom of speacH will Prevail