The missing post

I know this might be a little bit of a clash with the posts before that one. After all this world-changing (at least the will to do so) and the thinking about what happens to this world during the time we walk this planet, I wanted to go back with this post. Go back a few weeks (already) to this weekend at the end of July in Norway.

It was the celebration of our friend’s most important day and it was the time when we all were together again. The moment, I left the bus and met our welcoming committee, I felt at home. The days in Norway were days out of the ordinary as they were special. Maybe we don’t always realise this when we live the day, but afterwards you certainly know that this particular day was special.

When we returned from Norway, the following days were strange and somehow felt lifeless. There was a certain energy that I felt in me during our stay in Norway and it seemed to have gone right when we were back. Of course, I knew what had changed and what caused the effect: My friends were once again gone. For some reason, when we are together, everything seems to fall into place, there is this energy flowing, or surrounding me. The thoughts and ideas have no real boundaries any more and there is so much going on. One idea leads to another, one stupid thought ends up as a brilliant idea, there are pranks that become the basis for serious discussions and so much more. Somehow I feel when we are together, that this is always a creative environment.

When I was back, I realised how special our friendship truly is. Because I am very sure, that you only meet your real friends, this small group of people, once in your life. And that I already found my best friends. I found them in Liverpool. The Brookfield Lodge, Sefton Park, the Sennheiser Studio Theatre, PMA, FRP, Hope Street Building, Half/Half, Kathy, Joe, Neil, the fuchin’ bus driver, MPP and all of that connected us then. And this connection has been welded together over three years. And this connection cannot break. Ever.

It is good to know, that you guys are there.