The difficulties with making a children-song CD-cover…

Hi Lodgers,

as some of you might know, I’m currently designing a CD cover for a children-pirates-song. Sounds easy in the first place, but turned out as a hell of design work. If you think of a kids CD (in this case a pirates song) you might get an image into your mind similar to this:
the first try

but if the producers had something completely different in their mind – something abstract, groovy, fancy, modern… how would you than think of that cover?

Well, I came up with the next design:

second try

My question now, what do you think of them?

kindest regards,


3 thoughts on “The difficulties with making a children-song CD-cover…

  1. You rule Rene! Really, the final one is quite good, especially since I’ve seen some of the stages of development. Well cool…:)

  2. thanks very much… although it’s kind of pointless to comunicate through our blog, if we could just shout along the hallway. But at least we start feeding this site.

    So, Ta’ muchly mait.

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