I’m working on a TV show this week, and we’re having it in Oslo’s old “Folketeatret” – the peoples theatre. The building was completed in 1935 and used as a cinema until 1952. From 1959 the Norwegian Opera and Ballet held house here until they moved to the new Operahouse in 2008. A theatre space that is over 70 years leaves some kind of impression on you. This one is no exception. The building har hundreds of small corridors that leads to placed you don’t think exist, opening a door feels like embarking on a mission to charter new and unexplored teritory. There are marks, proof of people and shows past, everywhere. Names, signatures, quotes, old shelves with long forgotten things still on them. Old switches and plugs everywhere, old labels and old signs telling you to go through doors that are no longer there.

I went up to the flyfloor today, to bring in an LX bar. On my way, I took the lift from stagelevel and up to level 7, where the first flyfloor is. The lift is on the opposite side off the flytower, so you walk out of the lift and onto the gallery and then through a door before you vanish inside long and winding hallways (the winding hallway is obviously the back wall of the stage and flytower, curved so that it just fits a round horizon backdrop.) before you emerge out onto the flytower. However, before I go that far, there was a door with a large sign, written in gothic looking letters that said “do not enter with shoes on”. The door was ajar, and I had to look inside. There, in one of the corners of this gigantic building, far out of everything else, was a small dance studio. The windows where dirty, the ceiling and the door was old. The mirrros on the wall and the bar was worn and well used. The dancefloor, stretched as if it was laid yesterday, looked like it had been thread on by thousands. Yet, this small room, up there, in a remote corner, in a hallway where only the black dressed technicians usually wanders, was the very essence of what a theatre is.

It was as if someone turned a valve and all my feelings for theatre came pooring out. I realised I haven’t been really working in a theatre space big enough to have a flytower for a long time… the feeling, was.. magic. Comming out of the room again, I felt strangely lightheaded, invincible, happy. I remembered many memories of past, and ambitions not forgotten. But most important, it was a true feeling of purpose. True magic. I like theatres because it is the only place i truly can reign. It feels like my space, a place where I am the master of magic. Where I belong.

wHere i find a Purpose

We can make the future.

We can make the future. And what a perfect opportunity it is to begin a new phase of our dreams. A new decade, a new chance. I am afraid that the decade just passed will be remembered as the decade of terrorism and war, of climate change and of human suffering. Let’s make sure this one doesn’t get the same legacy. Let’s make it about peace and understanding, about action and compassion.

And let us begin with ourselves. The saying is that if you save one life you save the whole world. So think about which life you can save. Someone you can help. Maybe someone needs a few hours every week, or maybe someone needs a lifetime. It doesn’t matter. Another saying is that with great power comes great responsibility. The strong should help the weak, it’s the principal part of beeing human, we don’t leave our weak and our poor to suffer and die, we help them. Thus, we have a responsibility to our kind – to help the ones in need of whatever aid we can offer.

It seems we, the BLS have set itsef into motion in the way that (on my part) was always intended.

let’s HelP each other

The future.

Who knows what the future will be like? I dont’t. And neither do you. In fact, no one does, because the future isn’t yet. No one can know what doesn’t exist.

…Yet, do you ever have this feeling, this feeling that we’re meant for something else? Destined for something bigger? Do you ever lay in bed, wishing you could reach for the stars and actually touch them? Do you ever walk the street, watching other people go about their daily lifes, pondering what your mission in all of this is? Do you ever wake up early in the morning, before the sun has risen, and think to yourself – today I can take on the world? Do you ever have the feeling that our purpose is to change the world?

If you do – you are like us. We call ourselves the BrookfieldLodge society. Would you like to join us?

my life Has a Purpose

The changing world.

Our world is changing. Quicker than even we, the young generations, can percieve. We have in our short lifetime gone from a isolated “big” world, to a connected “small” one. Everything is connected to everything. I can type something on twitter, and it is visible to thousands of people instantly. I can post a video on youtube and anyone, anywhere, can watch it whenever they want to. But is this changing us as well?

Recent studies suggest so, and there are a number of examples; a 15 year old today has produced more written material than most people in their 50’s have in their whole life. Our language isn’t dying, it’s evolving. American researchers found that the number of words in regular use and the clarity of language for people leaving high school have gone up dramatically for the past 10 years. There is more: the average teen today will have between 7 and 9 jobs before his 60th birthday. The average adult born before 1975 will have between 3 and 4. Modern people read roughly 3000 pages of textbooks each year; and 12.000 pages of e-mail.

The growing numbers relating to the collective information of the human race is staggering: each year, we upload more video hours to youtube than the complete production of CNN, NBC and the BBC put together. The total number of tweets to date is over 1 billion. If Facebook was a country, it would be the world’s 5th largest. When the idea of computers first took root, it was thought that one supercomputer on each continent would do; today, there are over 2 billion computer devices in the world. It has been suggested, that by the end of 2020, e-mail will no longer be the preferred method of communication; social networks and IM will have taken over completely. In 2015, the handheld device will be the primary accesspoint for over 50% of Internet users worldwide.

We have begun the transition to a new world. When everyone is a reporter, a cameraman and a photographer. When news reach the whole world in an instant and everyone can access anything, what does this do for democracy?

We are changing the very nature of our world. A new order, a new power, with the people, no longer restriced by borders, but united by cause. How will our leaders adapt to this? And; is this the start of the glorious new united world? Will this be the end of countries and eventually, war? In a world where everything is virtual, the warrior is outdated. Will it perhaps be, that the ones who will give us peace at last, will not be our leaders, our diplomats or our politicans, but ourselves?

sHaPe the world

Do I know myself?

Who am I? (this one will be a long one, but bear with me, there’s a point here somewhere)

I am Hans, 23 years old. I come from a small city in a small country, the city of kings as it is called, the city where the mighty Vikings once held fort, now, all we can show for is a decent football team and a world class university, which, when you think about it is pretty good. I was born and raised there, I was thought that through hard work, ambition, talent and a bit of luck along the way, I can do anything. I was brought up with science and knowledge as goal in itself, and I cherish my childhood memories. I used to think I would end up doing something important, like saving the world or solving some of the great mysteries and challenges we are facing. Fate it seems, would not have it that way, and I found the stage. I light it, I dream off it, it is my passion and my life, through it, I have found myself, my friends and my love. It is the only life I have and will ever know.

I live now, some years later, in our capital, Oslo, with the most beautiful girl in the world. We share life as it comes, good moments, bad days, wonderful nights, brilliant ideas and a lot of fun. I have the best friends anyone can think off, they are smarter, funnier and more compassionate than you (unless you’re one of them). We used to dream of conquering the world, saving people from a life of disillusion and shadows. Together, we would dream of bringing light to the masses. Into the early hours of the morning we wold lay our plans for the great place that this world is, for the greatness that humanity can do. Never, not once, did anyone speak ill of the other. Long walks home after late evenings proved that many times. We dreamed, we provoked, we stood up, we spoke and we acted. We wanted to become the best of the best. The few, the ones that would live forever. We dreamed.

I think; we still do. Because once you realize it, the thought is difficult to purge from ones mind. Hide it, yes. Put it away for some time while other matters are resolved. But to forget our dreams? No way. We still dream. Not so openly arrogant as before, but we still know. We will do it.
Look at me?
Tell me what you see, you ain’t seen the best of me yet
Give a few more years and you will forget the rest
There is much more in me
Together, we will set it free
Because I can catch the moon in my hand
Do you know who I am?
Remember my name. I am going to live forever. I have to.

Do I know myself? Yes, unfortunately, I think I do. And that my friends, shall make all the difference.

ligHts uP

Something that was written long ago.

I was going through some files and folders today, and found this text that I wrote in our second year in Liverpool. Seems rather fitting considering the recent posts I think. It still works. It still is valid. I still believe.

In the legendary TV show fraggle rock, someone asks the question “why do the dozers do what the dozers do?” the answer is simply “the dozers do what the dozers do because the dozers do what the dozers do” The answer is so simple because their reality is so simple, yet so beautiful. The dozers do what they do because that is the point of doing it in the first place.

But why do we do it? Why do we wake up every day, get out of bed in the early morning, eat some breakfast and go in to this place we call LIPA. Why do we work from 9 till 9 just so that performers can perform? And I am not saying this because I am bitter, because I am really not; I’m just asking the question. Why is it that we devote our lives to staying behind the stage, why do we spend our days of youth on creating stars and shows that are remembered for their performers and rarely for the technology and design?

Perhaps we are a bit like the dozers in one way, we will go through fire and hell to keep the show running, we will spend every minute of our waking day to get the job done. But then again, we are not like the dozers at all, because we could choose not to, we know something else; we don’t need to do it. But still we do.

I think I know why.

As I walked to LIPA this morning I came from the Hope street (funny name, isn’t it?) building, and as I walked by, one of the windows was open, inside; there must have been a group of singers or actors, because they were doing a vocal warm-up. For some reason I stopped and waited outside a few moments, and as I was standing there they started with Ave Maria. I stood and listened to this fantastically beautiful song as the sun was gently warming the sky above me, driving the last of the clouds out into the vast sea. Hearing. Thinking. Feeling. Seeing. I remembered. I remembered why I came here. I remembered why our hearts beat faster when we think about it; I remembered why we devote all possible time to doing dirty jobs in the darkness of the stage. I remember.

I remember that when the curtain falls and the audience explodes into applause, that is all I remember. All the long nights and dark hours are gone. I remember that when the stage is yet again empty and the audiences have long gone home, that is what I remember. The applause. The smiles. The joy. Or the sadness. The eyes of kids thinking about the magic they just witnessed. The prides of parents just having seen their kid stand on stage. The music. The sparkling lights. The applause. The feeling of having brought magic to others is what fuels our passion and makes us tick until the next time, until the next few seconds when the show is actually over.

I remember.

Because when all is dark and I go to bed at night, I remember that for two seconds, I was truly alive.

And today, when I had almost forgotten, I remembered.

Not for ourselves, but for the whole world in which we were born.

i Have not forgotten our Purpose

The road not yet discovered.

– Simply because there is no report doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to report.

Slacking? No my friend. We are going ahead faster than ever. I just think it doesn’t always work the way we think it will, or planned even. We are on our separate ways, the paths cross each other at multiple points already, even running in parallel. And I have no doubt that they will continue to do so for many years. However, where are we going? I don’t know. I have an idea, a feeling, and a dream about the place I want to go, or the place I think I want to go perhaps. But I have a strong feeling that my dream will change as I discover the road, my sense of purpose, my ambitions and goals will change with my achievements and failures.

We spent three years working out our initial dream and plan of our endstation. Our goal. We found our starting point, even a large part of the road. Now we have all come to a part of the road where there are many crossing points, but we are not sure which to take, if we will even take one of them. I think we have become builders actually. We are now fighting, with others and with ourselves, to build new roads, to find new paths, ways that have not been there before us.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.

I shall take the one not there. I shall do as I always do, find my own way. And I believe you are doing the same. From the moment we left Liverpool, I believe we have been looking for a new way. We are walking in the footsteps of no one, because our way is our way alone. Paths crisscross with roads. Rivers with lakes. The stream of people on the highway may run alongside our jungle path at some point, but it is not the same.

Slacking? No. We just started. From here on and out, this is where the fun is.

I don’t know were we are going. I don’t know the way. I don’t have all the answers. – I don’t even have all the questions.

But I’m not finished yet.

tHe Pontifex