Can we please stop this?

It is ridiculous what we have to watch on TV all the time. Every other day there is at least one feature of XXL Food restaurants. Places where people try to stuff themselves with so much food everyone else could survive for over one week. It is disgusting to even watch all those programms, all the XXL mega hamburgers, hyper hot dogs and the cheeseburger eating contest.

The example today: The longest hot dog in the world (and as a side attraction a hamburger that in the end has an overall weight of over 150 kilos!): An Austrian team of very well prepared gourmets set out to create this 130m long piece of sausage needed to break the world record. Their idea is as simple as it is stupid. They produce this sausage in 8 pieces that they then put together in a 130m long metal construction, which looks pretty much like a roof gutter. The idea is to then use 7 (!!) gas burners to heat up the water of the 130m metal piece until it reaches the necessary 60° C. After finally finding out how a construction of this length can actually be leveled so the water stays inside, the undertaking is already 1 hour behind schedule. It then takes them all together over 4 hours until they realise it will never ever work and they rather spend all their energy on the XXL burger they also produce. In the end, they throw kilos of sauce and vegetables on this huge piece of meat, whilst 130m of sausage are still awaiting their destiny of never ever being heated or even eaten. Along with all the sausage meat, almost 140m of bread are also looking forward to finish their short life in view of the inside of a huge bin.

I have enough of all the waste. We have the absolute privilege to live in a place of the world where we don’t have to starve to death. We have resources other people – let me make it more clear – a huge amount of people only dream of. I feel with all those absolute useless and stupid attempts to set a record, we pay no respect to the situation we live in and the ones others have to suffer. All support for anyone attempting such a record should completely be denied, nobody should ever go and watch them try something like that. There should be a law that does not allow the wast of food and the fines should be incredibly high. I am sorry for the really clear word on that, but I am really fed up.

Eating a salad now.