The people we are based on the responsibility we owe

I suppose the first question we should ask is do we owe responsibility to anyone or anything?

I think we do to our parents, they gave us life, fed us, clothed us, taught us right from wrong. We have a responsibility as their children to make sure they are cared for in their old age, to make sure that others do not hurt them, and to make sure that they don’t do things that hurt themselves. We have a responsiblity to the well being of our parents, if they were to steal something I would be the first to reprimand them because it would be best for them, even if they don’t think so at the time.

I think we also have this responsibility to our teachers, to our grandparents, to our friends, our communities, and countries. They do not need our blind support, our ignorant faith. If any of you were to do wrong I would be the first to call you on it, and if I was to do wrong I expect you would call me on it also, because ultimately it’s for my own good.

I, by matter of my name have a large responsibility to my country, it needs my support when it is in the right, and my criticism when it is not, not my blind faith. When Israel does something I am the first to call it on it. And finding myself increasingly in the public eye I have a responsibility to us Jews and Israeli’s in the world who do not agree with Israel’s Policies and actions. I am tired of hearing about the Jewish position being a position other than mine, I am tired of being judged for who I am by those who crave conflict, either as a Devil or an Angel.

I am Eyal Israel and I am just one person, but I have a responsibility to myself, as a Jew, as an Israeli, as a Brit, as a Director and as a Son.


Eyal Israel, and nothing more.