I wish God could see the world the way I do.

I wish he could come down here, spend a day with me, walk around town and look at all the people that populate this place. How incredible wonderful this microcosmos of beeings really is. We would walk to the national theatre, stop by the swedish girls and get a coffee or a tea, then marvel and the flowers around the statue of Wenche Foss before we would spend a moment philospising about the works of Henrik Ibsen, as you are shure to do when you pass the massive statue of him and see his words inscribed in the street all the way down to the parliament. We would visit the newsstand on Karl Johan, and talk to the guy that always is there, always happy to help passers by with whatever they need or want. From there we would make our way down to the opera house, and on the way we would by a copy of =Oslo from the recovering drug addict that is selling it. God would surely tell him something profound and touch his shoulder, and then he would learn his name is Håkon, and that Håkon is a really compassionate person, who’s made a few wrong choices in this life, but is hoping to correct some of them before he caves under for good. Then a street performer, a musician, would get our attention with his beautiful rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s sound of silence. We would stand and listen to him, and his little daughter would come out of nowhere and join in on the chorus. God would ask me if I know of this man, and I would say that, yes, I do know of him. He left his wife 9 years ago to travel the world, he wanted to be free and see all the things life has to offer. He left his wife and little girl because he wanted to be free, and almost lost all that he cared about in the process. Now he lives alone in Oslo, he earns his income by singing songs on the street, and he sees his daughter a couple times a week. He says he doesn’t know when his wife will forgive him, if she ever will, but at least he gets to be there now.

We would part with a hug from the old man, and we would walk on. Nodding gracefully to vendors, young boys and their girls, elderly ladies on their weekly shopping trip and to travelling monks of other religions who have come to tiger city this day. We would get caught up in a group of german cruise tourists on a guided tour, and we would shake hands with Henke and Ariel, a finnish couple here on a weekend getaway. They are newly married and are expecting their first child in a couple of months. They are as happy as ever, high on life and love itself. Living carefree in a castle built around themselves out of young and unbreakable love. God would put his hand on Ariel’s stomach, and with a faint whisper, he would speak a blessing so profound and beautiful that it can only be heard by newborn ears.

As we reach the waters edge, and the maarble majesty of the opera house, God would remind me yet again why I do what I do, and that a building such as this, surely demonstrates the greatness of mankind in a very subtle and poetic way. As we walk along the waters edge, a fisherman that never cathces fish yells at us, a good wish for wind in our sails and fish in our nets. A young couple walks by, she, clearly intoxicated, has taken of her shoes – he, well dressed in a suite that doesn’t look right for him is holding her stady as the pass down the ways into town again. We – would carry on, sneaking into Akershus fortress the backway everyone knows about, watching the lone royal guardsman on his patrol – the most symbolic of military positions this country have, a guard that is guarding nothing but history. As he puts his rifle on his shoulder and turns around to walk, I would lead God to the top of the old wall, and as the sun sets over Oslo tonight, I would say to God; look at your creation. Take a look at it, not from above where you belong nor from below where lucifer reigns, but look at this world the way we do. From eye to eye. From head to head. From person to person. Look at us the way we look at ourselves, and see, that really, all we ever do, is try the best we can.

Come down lord, and look at us the way we look at us. Come down tonight and share the world with us.

Here i am, just a simPle human being

My brother, my hero

I realised today, that the answer to the last question of my previous question is simply; no. You want to know why?

My brother Ed came to Oslo to visit us and work with me for two days today. We walked around town, had dinner and had a drink while reading some comics before going out to meet some more people. People I didn’t know. Friends of friends and so on… what struck me was how stupid I found the conversations. Really. Completely pointless things that where just plain stupid. Forgive me for beeing blunt, but it was. And I realised, my friends would never talk like this. My brother doesn’t either.

Like you, he cares. There is no one else in the world I would rather have on my side. He takes care of other people like they where family or lovers. He cares for everyone like they are the most important people in the world, and with him, they always are. We dance with the world, we live life as if there is no tomorrow. We rule the world together and we fight over it. We are best friends and the best working team there is (maybe just the second best…), and we care.

I realised lately how much he means to me. How much I truly care and love for him, how much I am willing to do for him. We have the greatest times together, we laugh and joke and the world spins around. And we care abbout everything. My brother, I will stand behind you on whatever endavour you may pursue, whatever adventure you may undertake, I shall be there too.

And it is because of people like him that we will be ok. Everyday heroes that cares about it all.

My brother, my hero.
The words written in ink on your arm, they are absolutely true.

Nulli secundus – second to none. How right you are.

my brother, How Proud i am

*On a side note, this is the 400th published post on the BrookfieldLodge blog! Crack open the champagne!

Do I know myself?

Who am I? (this one will be a long one, but bear with me, there’s a point here somewhere)

I am Hans, 23 years old. I come from a small city in a small country, the city of kings as it is called, the city where the mighty Vikings once held fort, now, all we can show for is a decent football team and a world class university, which, when you think about it is pretty good. I was born and raised there, I was thought that through hard work, ambition, talent and a bit of luck along the way, I can do anything. I was brought up with science and knowledge as goal in itself, and I cherish my childhood memories. I used to think I would end up doing something important, like saving the world or solving some of the great mysteries and challenges we are facing. Fate it seems, would not have it that way, and I found the stage. I light it, I dream off it, it is my passion and my life, through it, I have found myself, my friends and my love. It is the only life I have and will ever know.

I live now, some years later, in our capital, Oslo, with the most beautiful girl in the world. We share life as it comes, good moments, bad days, wonderful nights, brilliant ideas and a lot of fun. I have the best friends anyone can think off, they are smarter, funnier and more compassionate than you (unless you’re one of them). We used to dream of conquering the world, saving people from a life of disillusion and shadows. Together, we would dream of bringing light to the masses. Into the early hours of the morning we wold lay our plans for the great place that this world is, for the greatness that humanity can do. Never, not once, did anyone speak ill of the other. Long walks home after late evenings proved that many times. We dreamed, we provoked, we stood up, we spoke and we acted. We wanted to become the best of the best. The few, the ones that would live forever. We dreamed.

I think; we still do. Because once you realize it, the thought is difficult to purge from ones mind. Hide it, yes. Put it away for some time while other matters are resolved. But to forget our dreams? No way. We still dream. Not so openly arrogant as before, but we still know. We will do it.
Look at me?
Tell me what you see, you ain’t seen the best of me yet
Give a few more years and you will forget the rest
There is much more in me
Together, we will set it free
Because I can catch the moon in my hand
Do you know who I am?
Remember my name. I am going to live forever. I have to.

Do I know myself? Yes, unfortunately, I think I do. And that my friends, shall make all the difference.

ligHts uP

Knowing yourself

Yes, we might well ask the question how well do others know us. There are always moments when we ask ourselves whether the others do know us at all. Or there are those moments when we hope they don’t know us too well. Because there are those dark areas of ourself that we don’t want everyone to see… or maybe don’t want to see and know ourself.

I think more important than to worry about how well others know us, we should be happy to know ourselves. The fact that we know there are dark areas in us, makes us better people. Awareness of the bad things will help us to keep them locked up.

The human mind is a really strange place. Humans are able to bring good to the world as well as evil. History tells us this in many examples. But the important thing to remember is, that we have a choice. We can decide where we want to go with our life. And knowing about the possible bad things we might be able to do will help us find the bright path through life.

Others might know us, but knowing about ourselves is essential.

Good morning Sunday!

I am…

… my mum, who always showed me the way
… my brothers and sisters… we conquered the world…
… all the people who believed in my crazy ideas…
… and all the ones who didn’t…

This is an excerpt from a recent commercial campaign of a mobile phone company here in Switzerland. I always liked the commercials. In the cinema, on TV or on the radio it kinda made me think into the same direction as Eyal pointed with his post. What they say is that we really are shaped because of all the people we meet, the people we are with and the people that influenced us the most.

Of course, we are different depending on who we meet and with whom we spent time. It makes sense. Some people are our friends, and with them we share different memories and they know us differently than someone we just have our first date with. And parents are the ones who brought us up. They taught us most of the thinking patterns and ways of living we now follow. We are aware of this and therefore know the expectations of them as well, thus we behave differently than we would with our partner and friends.

What I think is interesting in this discussion is one point: Does the fact that we do in fact behave differently mean, that we cannot really determine who we are? It is just logical that if we wanna impress someone we hold back on certain things and try to shine the best light on us whereas this is not really necessary with our close friends. But I think, as long as we are true about ourselves we will always be the person we are when there is nobody around. An example: My favourite colour is blue. Now… I can be with my parents in the city and we talk about our favourite colour and I will tell them mine is blue. Another time I am with you guys and we talk about the same thing and I also tell you that it is blue, the same with my boss or on a first date. My favourite colour is blue and as long as this does not change depending on the people I am with at a certain point, I will always know who I really am. Because my personality does not change. People only see different parts of it and I think this is a good thing…

Raining at night in Switzerland…


As I don’t have an idea yet what the mysterious stuff is Hans wrote about, I will just share some thoughts – well, yet again, something we have discussed quite often here – this night.

I just came back from a bar called nightflight. Besides other things, we discussed, why I once said “the world is a strange place…”. Well, it really is. In many ways. Look at how many different people live their all different lives every single day on this planet. The planet which might seem huge sometimes, but then again, how do you measure distances? Compared to the (possibly) infinite space which is the universe, our little earth is incredibly small. But we have created so many different worlds on the surface of this blue planet. Luck, destiny or the coincidences we often talked about let us all wake up in our own world every day. We open the eyes and what we see is our reality. With its own rules, rights, boundaries and chances. We all learned and accepted the way our world works. We now know what to do to be able to survive in this world. The same goes for all the other people on this planet, too. The slumdog in India also wakes up every day, opens the eyes and is faced with his/her own reality. This reality is probably completely different to ours and the rules, rights and boundaries vary greatly. But the slumdog as well as we knows how to survive in his world. This is what I mean with “the world is a strange place”. So small and yet so big. So rich and yet so poor. And whoever you will ask, nobody will ever think the world is fair. Can we actually solve all the problems … ever? Are we all designed with the little flaw that no matter where we live our life and no matter how well we are, we will never be satisfied…?

Another thing started by talking about the film “Milk”. (I can only recommend it) We were talking about how free and tolerant our society has become nowadays. Everyone has a lot of freedom here in the western world. Freedom of speech, religion, sexuality and many more are things we here take for granted. First of all, the world is not nearly as open minded as we might be here. In huge parts of the world, people get killed for believing “the wrong thing”. People are not allowed to criticise the government, their boss, their husband… In many countries of the world men get killed or arrested for being gay and even the so very liberal USA are way behind with their tolerance. In California, old-fashioned and religiously conservative groups managed to file a petition which passed last November, which does no longer allow same-sex marriage, something which was legal up to that point. Now there is a huge fight to come back to the way it was before… (if you wanna do something about this: http://jointheimpact.com/ ) All I wanna say is that we might all take a lot for granted which it actually is not. So maybe we all have to start and be a little more aware of the responsibility we all have for all the ones on the world which cannot fight for themselves. ( www.one.org )

Maybe quite a random post, but what do you expect with such a random nightflight…

Let’s go and speak out loud…!