anyone there?

Hello my fellow society friends, I was just wondering if there is anyone around London between the 8th and 10th September… yes, next week. I just decided to visit this years PLASA – So if there’s anyone around, we could have a tiny reunion…

Just let me know… If you haven’t got a ticket yet, you can still pre-register for half price tickets as far a I know… and if you need a place to stay, I just found a quit cheap hotel room…

If you’re busy – just keep on playing

We’ll find another way…

best regards,


United we stand…

QuoteOk, to be honest, I couldn’t find a better title for this post… but I think it discribes best what I’m currently thinking. Yes, I haven’t posted anything for quite a while. This was mainly because I was …simply busy. But still I have followed all your post over the last moth and I think I can understand how your last year of LIPA went and where we all are by now…

On the one hand, I really missed “having the gentlemens club” at the Lodge with all the members of the BLS (and friends) – wandering around in yellow/dark red corridors looking for like-minded people – philosophizing about Art, Food, Wine and Life. But on the other hand, life treated me quite well since I left. I got great opportunities, met interesting new people and had chances to explore new forms of design I didn’t even thought about yet.

A few posts ago, Georg asked a question… Is this the time we silently say good bye? I think we/you might say good bye to a tiny chapter in this book called life. And even though you might be afraid to end it – It will always be a part of the whole story and the story wouldn’t be the same without it. The story would probably make no sense at all?! There are always parts in a book where you only read and read and the story doesn’t catch you at all and you are just waiting for something interesting to come… But suddenly there comes a point where everything changes and gets exciting and the whole story captures you completely. It doesn’t matter if this chapter was a turning point in our story or a chapter that answered a lot of questions, it definitely evoked a lot of feelings and emotions and it will alway help us understand the whole story.
As Eyal already wrote: This section of the journey may be coming to an end, but the journey is far from finished. Or in other words, this chapter may be coming to an end, but we are not even half way through the whole book…

For me, the time together with you, was one of the most important chapters of my story.

::: ::: :::

Regarding the Brookfield Lodge Society, I think now is the time to go on an expand our network. Now, that (almost) everyone is going (back) into the real world, is the time where we can all benefit from the connections each one of us has. In my eyes, it’s a gift, that we can build a great network, to exchange experiences and to pass on opportunities.
Just a simple example: It took me just a few calls, to introduce our swiss field representative to my former stage management colleagues and now he has a chance to do his placement at some of germanys larges musical venues…
You see how valuable the BLS can be for each one of us. Because each one of us is great at what he does. (I know it’s a bit old, but:) “Sharing is caring!”

Ok, this might sound like a big advertising campaign, but you’ll see what I mean… 😉

United we stand – like-MinDed – crEatIve – GenerouS – pHillosoPhizing – aestHeTicisingeneRgiZing !

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious,
it is the true source of art, science, and friendship.”
– Albert Einstien
appreciating a great friendship,

Répondez, s’il vous plaît – mes chers amis, pour recevoir cette liaison merveilleuse!

take your shoes…

Well the moon looks quite nice from down here. But how does it look if you are really there? no longer a nice bright shiny disc, but grey plains? On the other hand, imagine the picture standing on the moon looking at the tiny blue-green ball called earth… would be worth the journey!

by the way, I watched the moon last night as well – somehow facinating…

take your shoes!

small mishap on the startpage?!

Hacking Hans?Hans??? :-)
did you play with the code of our startpage again???

However, I don’t know if anyone noticed it, but we had little mess on the first page for the last few hours (mess=random ascii bits) . So noone could access our lovely beautiful page/blog.

Anyway, I uploaded the last version and now it works again. Just in case it was you Hans – and there should have been something on there that made sense, sorry, that I changed it (but by all means, I couldn’t see anything in there :-) )

thats it for now,

Mr R. signing off…

“This society shall be blessed!”

Ok Ok, I confess. It was me…

…hm… but as long as I don’t categorize this post, I shall remain incognito :-) . Basically I was bored… bored AND in a bad mood! which is not a good combination for me. And Hans asked for ‘the’ logo.
But to get things a bit more clearly here: This is my new suggestion for ‘our’ new Logo. I know it is completely different from what we discussed originally.

BUT there are a number of reasons why I prefer this one far more than the basic idea. I liked the basic idea but the more I played around with it the stronger was my impression that the different elements within and around the code of arms did not fit together properly. Even though I liked the rather ‘traditional’ look of the first idea, I started to think about it all over again.

The anthology of the ‘new’ logo (or better, see it as a suggestion) is based on three key elements of the Brookfield Lodge Society. First and probably the most important element: The five founding members of the society, represented in the five bars in the lower part of the graphic, which “sustain” the basic aims of the society: The constant striving for the primary goal is symbolized in the gradient which gets lighter towards the top.
And finally, the first priority of the society: creating a complex network of professionals that spreads world-wide; visualized with the interlaced Y-shape.

Also, the overall look is a bit more contemporary, and within this version, I think, all the elements are more coherent.
Well, anyway it’s just a suggestion, and it would be great to read your comments on this.

And for Hans, I’m sorry for the poor coding, I realized that it was not too properly done, but at the point of uploading the logo, I couldn’t be bothered to start a new voting post and explain everything, so it was quicker to just slap the file somewhere visible and see how things come. my apologies… (corrected the awkward look together with this post)
Kindest regards to the fellow members,

Mr. G-O-D-? aka R :-) or W-H-A-T-?

(ps: HighRes version of logo to be found on server)

Actually not bad…

Dear fellow Gentlemen,

as you might have noticed, i haven’t posted anything for a while now. Sorry for that; this was mainly due to a s*** loads of work, but I shall not complain, at least I’m earning some good some with it.

But now to the actual reason for this post. To be honest, I can’t really complain about my feedbacks so far… Well apart from the usual “everything-was-perfect-but-recommended-grade-is-66%” issue.

By the way, Mister E. mentioned that some of his grades on the transcript differ from the ones in the feedbacks?! When do I get my transcript? Did Mister G. already recieve his level two transcript?

Well as always a lot of questions and myths around this place…
…but apart from that I’m trying to enjoy the summer (even though it doesn’t feel like summer yet)

farewell my gentlefolk,

Mister R.

…a small survey:

Just to get a little brainstorm rolling, add your ideas about ‘what should be on the site’ as a comment to this post…


-Society Member of the week/month.
-picture gallery of BLS-GLC happenings.


happy posting, René