In Oslo

17.07 local time: I have just landed in Sandefjord and am now waiting for my next plane, a small Turboprop operated by SAS Wideroe. There is loads of snow outside. Updates follows.

optimus HPrime
late god

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I’m off then!

So I’m off to Norway for a couple of days then… oh the things we do for king and country! I will be back in Liverpool on Monday, with a whole bunch of work to do for the unity dance, which by the way, went really good yesterday. We had a sharing of dances, and we got to see some really impressive material, I think it’s gonna be a very good show this year! But tickets are selling out fast, so if you want to see it, hurry down to the unity and by them! Now.

I shall keep you posted on my meetings with the Norwegian winter, the king and so on… :)

as ever,

tHe flying Pig…

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…a small survey:

Just to get a little brainstorm rolling, add your ideas about ‘what should be on the site’ as a comment to this post…


-Society Member of the week/month.
-picture gallery of BLS-GLC happenings.


happy posting, René and other things…

Just to continue Georg’s post on what is happening with the page. It is actually happening, we are in some sort of pre-production development phase, I have been testing a bit of new ideas with CSS and HTML the last few days, and perhaps with a bit more free time (well… still have the Unity dance to do) I can perhaps get around to putting ideas down on paper, and maybe even a draft of some sort.

Anyway, we are still discussing content on the page, so any suggestions would still be appreciated. We have some ideas, but I think we would need a bit more to make this page really good and interesting.

For now, all the best,

tHe flying Pig..
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Dames @ Sea, rats and everything else related to all this

Hey everyone,

Just thought I should write something in here as well now. Hmm,… yesterday the last show of “Dames at Sea” the musical finished in the Sennheiser. This means now that after three weeks of almost constant working on this production and our glamorous Lighting Design Exhibition I might get a bit of free time during the next days…

Right now, I have to get through a package of receipts and see who is getting money back and where I have to get it from… shouldn’t take me too long now…

What else happened this week? Hmm, we finally got rid of the dead rat we caught in a cupboard last week. You could tell that it was in this cupboard for almost 10 days now… the smell was incredible… but fortunately we had Mike having a cold, so he couldn’t smell a thing and he was the brave man to handle the dead rat.

New dryer arrived! Finally the technical equipment of the building seems to get working again. The kitchen is lit with new striplights and all the other lamps have been replaced. And we only had to wait for about 3 months to get all this done…

As already mentioned, the Lighting Design & Technology Specialism Exhibition (horribly long name) happened this thursday. We saw a lot of … interesting … things – let’s say it this way. Sometimes this is the only thing you can say…

We went to see “The persuit of happyness” in the Odeon Cinema. Sitting under the really loud and rattling air condition, we first of all had a short discussion with the Brookfieldlodge Society director and the communications manager about how to spell happiness. Finally we found out that this was right for the film as it is a name rather than the word happiness. At the end we all agreed that the film is good, but it is not the best film we have ever seen.

OK, this should do for today. We are working on the real Brookfieldlodge Society page and there will be some interesting stuff soon…
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The difficulties with making a children-song CD-cover…

Hi Lodgers,

as some of you might know, I’m currently designing a CD cover for a children-pirates-song. Sounds easy in the first place, but turned out as a hell of design work. If you think of a kids CD (in this case a pirates song) you might get an image into your mind similar to this:
the first try

but if the producers had something completely different in their mind – something abstract, groovy, fancy, modern… how would you than think of that cover?

Well, I came up with the next design:

second try

My question now, what do you think of them?

kindest regards,


The nominations are out!

The official nominations for this years academy awards are out, and althoug not many surprises, there are a few interesting things to point out!

1. We have a Norwegian nomination in the Animated short category! Yey!

2. Clint was nominated for his “Letters from Iwo Jima” instead of the much predicted “Flags of our fathers”

3. Looking at previous years, and considering his 8 previous nominations, Peter o’Toole will proboably win this years Actor in a leading role.

4. Will perhaps Scorsese finally get his long awaited award after 7 nominations and 27 years of waiting?

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