Caring. Or not.

Why should we care about other people and their opininons? They are only doing stupid things and standing in your way anyway? The majority of the world are mindless kettle without aims or objectives, they don’t care so why should I? It seems it is some sort of human quality to care about others, but why? They only inflict pain and missery upon the ones they love without thought or regret…

The world does not love nor does it care, the world only exists. People just are. They don’t do. No one cares anymore, so why should I? Society only exists so that ignorant people can amass larger quantities of material goods and esteem among their fellow ignorant “friends”.

 Why should we care?

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a report from BLS-1 advance team Hotel Papa.

Norway is nice. Really nice. In fact, Norway is great. And we have good food. And nice weather. Now, what the hell is going on there people? I’m outta town for a couple of days and all hell breakes loose? BLS-E and BLS-G are attacking each other? Seriously… it must be something you’ve eaten…

Anyhow, I’m going back to being nice in Norway. Which is nice.

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Breaking News: Mr.E. has been seen on his warpath!

After the terrible attacs of Mr. E. on one of the BLS-1 members, action has been taken by the BLS-G1 team to prevent any new assults from the dark side of the universe. Reconnaissance planes have been send out to detect any possible attacs in advance. At 1500 hours today, one of the pilotless drones sent a very disturbing image back to the BLS base in Liverpool. Unfortunately it seems that Mr. E. is already on its way to his next target. The image was recorded not far away from Cologne in Germany. At the moment it is unknown which kind of weapon Mr.E. is using but it seems to be some kind of skittle-throwing device which could cause serious damage to anything being hit by it. The BLS-1 team is currently preparing a jugglery-ball throwing weapon that proofed to be very effective against Mr.E. – at least it is distracting him enough and will give the BLS-1 team more time to think about any new strategies against the current threat. ANY NEWS IN THIS MATTER WILL BE PUBLISHED HERE IMMEDIATELY


Now its time for revenge!

Now I’m not like one of those folk who talk real fast and move real slow like they gots no cares in the world and i can say that i enjoy a good giggle when the time is right and at the right expense, sometimes even at my expense, but i do not, i say again i do not appreciate this kind of jokes to be made of me. So here it is Mr E is going to do something he will regret, because he doesn’t know photoshop and you have more pictures of him than he does of you! But i cannot stand by and watch my good name (and face) disgraced.

So now i do DECLARE WAR!!! on one MR G! (minus the E)