I have changed the world!!

ha ha! so not only did i make georg categorise his own posts, but hans now does it for him too!! this is by far a glorious day, and by the way, about the full stops. I write like i speak and i speak like i think, and there really is no end to that, so commas will have to suffice! so i have been attempting to apply for more jobs when i get back to England but not having my CV with me is making that more difficult than opening a can of can openers with some tuna (its actually quite a brilliant line if you think about it). But who knows, que sera sera, i dont know what the temperature is here, but i sure will find out, yesterday i travelled back from the north to jerusalem, and i have included a picture of me on my trip, today i head back to Tel Aviv, and tomorrow fly home, its a bit strange, and then i go to merry old liverpool for a week!!! AHHHH I WILL BE THERE ALONE!!! actually Rene will be there so its not too bad, i am seeing once upon a time in New Jersey, and im going to that meeting thing on the 8th, (that is if i dont get a job first) we do have to meet up at some point, but its looking like i might just have to leave Lauren here for a few days while i go and see you guys, which is just gonna have to happen, oh oh oh oh oh i went to the zoo i dont know if i mentioned this in my last post but but but i went to the zoo and because Adi works there she and her friends gave me a VIP tour, i got to feed the girrafes, and the lemurs, and go relativley close to the rhinos, it was the coolest thing ever. Im having a great time here, but its good to get back, my free time, is still a huge question mark, so lets just say whenever you two are free as long as i am in England on the 18th of August, (grandfathers birthday) the 18th of July (my mothers birthday) and i have a job from the 22nd of August, till 1st of September, but hey hey hey ok so. (note the full stop in an inappropriate place) if Georg is getting more and more right, and i am consistently getting more and more wrong, does that mean that Georg is stealing me intellect, or maybe i am not getting more and more wrong, maybe im just right on my own level, that nobody else can comprehend…

yes Hans I know…

Yes Hans I know about the rules…

Yes Georg I know, its terrible, someone left a cake out in the rain.

and on that note i shall be leaving you! good day




 P.s Yes its me asleep on a bridge, there was nowhere better to sleep!

A new record, summer in Norway and handing in work by mail

Wow, Eyal, I am sure you just created a new record! 12 lines without full stop! (And Hans: No, I didn’t check the world record book or something to see if it is really a new record – I would put in a smiley here, but the blog software always locates them very randomly that there is no point). Conratulations for winning the bet with your Dad and the new contacts Eyal.

Wow again. Hans, what you have over there in Norway is anything but summer. 8 degrees – wait and it will snow again soon (You know I am right with this – I even was in Las Vegas (Smiley here again)). I would get crazy when it never gets dark! Here it still is hot with 33 degrees at the moment. As we are all working all the summer now, we really should find a date for us all to meet. It would be sad if not. Send me your proposals for July or August and we will find a way…

As I am not as lazy with hand-in work as Hans lately is (Smiley) I sent my file to LIPA today. It was insanely expensive!!! I hope it arrives on time – I have send Ashley an email that I sent it in now, but of course he didn’t reply. (Crying smiley) It was a boring process to finish this file, but I am glad that I am done with it now, because otherwise I would have had to do it besides the everyday work and after 8 hours work and 200 kilometres on the road every day I think the result would have been … bad.

OK guys, this seems to be a nice platform to communicate. Send me an email with your free time over the summer please. And I will try to improve by posting this here in the right category. (Smiley)


1. I added categorisation to Gorg’s post (thats George without e…) and I must say I would never say anything so stupid or obvious like Eyal claims in his post! :p I think you all know that…

2. Norway is quite nice, except the fact that we have about 8 degrees, rain and it never gets dark, so I can’t sleep at all. And at the moment I am working in an electronics testing facility about 70km from home, so I have to get up at 05.00 every morning, which is making me rather tired. Now Gorg would claim that I should just go to bed earlier… and actually, he would be right. Thats another thing I’ve noticed recently, he’s getting right more and more often… scary development…

3. Working in an electronic testing facility I have learned one more thing about myself, and possibly found yet another explanation for why I love stage work so much, I hate routine…. I seriously disslike getting to work and finishing work the same times every day, it makes life really boring. In only one week it’s show time, with Ozzy comming to town and a circus to build and run, I am really looking forward to it! And I have some more of the cool jobs comming up during summer, I’ve even secured a months work from the 20th of August, so I will be returning to the pool a bit later than expected.

4. I am also working on the placement report thing, it’s going slow so I’m glad I have the extension.


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Hitchhiking, The dead sea, and Georg’s post!

Ok so yesterday i went to the dead sea, and it was the most relaxing experience of my life, i felt like i was flying, (now hans will say “yes, cause you were floating”) i know i was floating, and by flying i dont mean the weightlessness, i mean the sensation of absolute freedom, i had a competition with my father yesterday about who could hitchhike to the dead sea from Jerusalem the fastest, and if you know the geography of Israel, then you’ll realise that its not really that far at all, so i won, because i got picked up by an extremely attractive girl (because apparently im exotic even here) and my father got picked up by a group of religious jews, got into an argument with them about religion and had to walk across a bit of desert.. he he he. anyway, so the girl that picked me up was the daughter of the artistic director of the national theatre of Israel, and i had a chat with her for ages and ages, and before any of you even start to think of anything i assure you, “ich bin treu” i got an email from her father, about me working over here for a bit, which is exciting, i met him this morning for coffee, and he is interested in my new play, which i have started writing a few days ago, a tragic comedy, about 3 men who’s sons just got drafted to the army and want to join them, but cannot due to the immense differences in technology since their days in the army and now, so they decide to break into the war museum and steal one of their old tanks, it is half in english and half in hebrew, the english is the bulk of the play, but the hebrew is the flashbacks that they have about their days in the army, its about comradship, love, and the recapturing of youth!

ok so i have one thing to say about Georg’s post, you didnt categorise it! quick do it before Hans sees, and hey hey hey i hope you are coming back to the pool in september, me and hans can’t watch Stargate without you… ok there are other reasons too… but mainly Stargate.

 I have attached a picture of someone at the Dead sea, i found it on the internet, its not me or anyone i know, but its really really funny!

 Eyal Israel



PPF, jobs and open-air cinema

It has been quite quiet around here I think. So here is what is going on in “Dark-Germany” as René would say: At the moment I am working on my PPF (Placement Project File) for our Las Vegas placement. Excitement would be the wrong word I would say. It cannot express how much fun it is to collect all the stuff together. At least I wrote the wonderful evaluation about what I learned already so the hard part is over.

During the last weeks I was working on getting some jobs for the summer. It wasn’t a very smooth start at the beginning but now it looks quite good and I think I might have to do a lot of WYSIWYG work this summer, besides some events all over Germany. This means I might be able to come back after the summer to “The Pool”. 😉

And finally, this weekend, the open-air cinema season starts. The weather is brilliant at the moment, reaching 30°C almost every day now, which means there will be plenty of opportunities to watch films open-air. OK now, enjoy your time, wherever you are at the moment. Keep in touch!

brookfield lodge society go on tour

a great member of the society today in several hours will be leaving the country to go home to israel and some other members of the society have already ventured off into the big wide world, a mr hp in norway and the infamous mr G (minus the E) in germany its a sad time, sad indeed but there is still one german and a national of a country fond of cheese and chocolate! i shall be in israel for 17 days till the 31st of may and then will hopefully will start work of some description who knows. hey… i know you guys dont really care but i miss you guys, things feel trapped here i just want to go and direct somewhere, lets hope it happens, oh oh oh and i have been working in an art gallery and kept arguing with the staff about “what art is” anyway im not working there anymore he he he so what is everyone doing? is anyone even checking the website?

from Eyal
the worlds greatest (and most modest) director!!!!