Un update of my favourite show this year…

Here is what we did during a 2 hour production meeting and 3 hours following that:

AV cuts:

  • 12 TV screens
  • 1 Projector
  • 1 additional TV to come on stage

Which means there will only be one projection now. Makes my life much easier.

Lighting cuts:

  • Dry-Ice
  • Additional (proper) Hazers
  • Gauzes
  • Scanners

But I still have the starcloth now. After the set taking up all the space for sidelighting and most of the rig for their “little bits” that need to be flown, this means I will light the whole show with the starcloth now! Brilliant.

And just as a small comment on the cuts above: Additional money (500+) will be going to … guess where… Costume! Because they need more… well, LIPA is back…

Lexington Virginia

Well I’ve been in Lexington for about 2 days now, it took me a ridiculous amount of time to get here (i met a guy called Hank on the way, he’s cool) I’m currently sitting at Laurens university on a Mac (sorry Georg) waiting for Othello to start (sorry Georg) i saw the dress rehearsal last night, and it was an interesting take on one of Shakey Jake’s finer plays instead of Blacks they had Arabs and instead of the Florentines they had Marines, (yes by the way it is very annoying to not have a right click) I was completely unconvinced by Desdemona but Othello himself was very good I just feel sorry for him having to work with a brick wall, the guy that plays Iago is by far my favourite very strong actor, completely understands the ins and outs of his journey and what all his words mean (thats more than i can say for a lot of them, I had to explain yesterday that the words “Where for” don’t mean “where”, but actually mean “why”) i just feel sorry for him because every time he has a solilque a dozen lights turn on in his face so he cant see the audience at all.

Anyway I’m gonna run away, the house opens soon, but I shall be on Skype tomorrow from about 5 for an hour or so. And if you don’t catch me then ill be back on the blog at about this time.


Another week of pointless-nes.

If that is how you spell it…

Yep. Another week of not doing very much apart from essay writing. It’s reading week, which means no lectures, so basically it’s just like any other week. I don’t get it, that it’s so difficult to give us more challenging tasks or to spread our work more evenly throughout the year… it seems like that would be the logical thing to do, but no..

I don’t know what to say actually, because it feels pointless. Completely pointless. I’m just gonna go home soon I think… then I could perhaps do something usefull.

How Pointless.

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