Household chores.

Between all our shows and existensialist philosophy, there are some household chores we should attend to as well.

1. After a semantic discussion, it seems appropriate that the official name shall be as follows: the Brookfieldlodge society and not the Brookfield Lodge Society as previous. The reason is that we shall in a short time no longer be based in the Brookfield Lodge and thus, we adopt the name as a whole instead of a site specific reference.

2. The logo discussion will also have to continue. Personally, I didn’t want to give up the old suggestion, so Rene sent me what he had done so far after my initial idea, and I’ve continued down this path. An example of the most recent suggestion can be seen here: 

This still needs a lot of work and touch up here and there, and I will also have to re-arrange the latin, as it is currently in the wrong order. The anthology of this logo is fairly self explanatory, but I will enlighten those who are not familiar with the concept:

It has the style and feel of an old coat-of-arms of the old houses of Europe, suggesting the part of the world in which we come from. The 4 insignias on the logo, the Lion bearing an axe, the black eagle, the star of David and the Swiss cross represents the 4 nations of the 5 orginal founding members of the society. It is sorrounded by another two lions, as an homage to the country where we all met and the society was founded, England. The almost Preussian (this eagle is based on the old preussian symbol) eagle at the top symbolises what I would deem our core values: to be good at what we do while beeing good people as well. It’s head is crowned, suggesting a more noble purpose than that of profit or material values.

The eagle on the top is what I am least happy with, and I am currently researching into alternative symbols with the same meaning that could be used.

Have Patience.

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You crazy people! :-)

I don’t know when you actually managed to write all that… but it is great. This was one hell of a night! And – even though at the moment it doesn’t feel like I would like to do it immediately again – I would always go on tour with you guys again…

So far, this was an amazing year for me… actually:

My favourite year, like no other year of my life. My favourite year, that time when I knew it would have to be one hell of a year for some other year to ever come near that frantic, impossible, glorious, painfully dear-to-me year. My favourite Year!

The man with thousand names… 😉 Georg, George, George-E (boy), Yorg, Gayorg, se German, George Doors… (never had so many names before…)

Time really is just hands on a clock

great artist die before we recognise their brilliance, the moments that you believe you shall remember forever are forgotten and all that you remember is that vague recollection of something you should remember, while things like having dinner will stay with you for a lifetime, time will speed up so that you cannot keep up and will slow down until entire worlds are created and destroyed in mere seconds, lightning strikes, sparks shower, in a blink of your eyes you have mis-seen. But the true gift, is the ability to be in the here and now, and say tomorrow shall be a great day, to set your alarm clock now, and be sure you won’t miss it, today was fantastic, but tomorrow, that is truly exciting. Ian Mackellen once said “why can’t this go on forever” but in truth forever is a concept just like everything else, because even though seas and mountains may stand between us, this will go on forever, for forever, started yesterday.

My friends.

It is an honor to be in such company. And I will provide the shoes and come with you to the moon. In fact, I would follow you to whatever end….

Good night.

Hans Peter.

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take your shoes…

Well the moon looks quite nice from down here. But how does it look if you are really there? no longer a nice bright shiny disc, but grey plains? On the other hand, imagine the picture standing on the moon looking at the tiny blue-green ball called earth… would be worth the journey!

by the way, I watched the moon last night as well – somehow facinating…

take your shoes!

Even shakespeare wore shoes.

I’m just looking up at the moon and going for it, not realising that I would die in the vacuum of space long before I get there, im just thinking, there is the moon, lets go, im currently in the stratosphere hoping that even if I don’t survive the journey my momentum will carry me to the moon, the first man to the moon without a rocket. I found some shoes on my way, who don’t want the journey to the moon; they want to stay here on earth. I want to go to the moon, but the moon won’t miss me if I don’t get there, the shoes will be happy on the moon and on earth but will not survive the journey. So I guess I have the question of whether I get to the moon without my shoes, or do I stay on earth and look up forever.